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Production process of our paintings, wallpapers and wall stickers

Are you wondering about our ideas regarding our patterns? How accurately we control the quality and do we know well enough about creating unique wall decorations? Can I trust Bimago to create a painting, wallpaper or a sticker for my home? Let us show you! We will guide you through the whole production process. Learn more about our high-quality materials, skills and commitment in our staff manifested in every complete order. We guarantee the same precision and accuracy in everything we do by creating paintings and wallpapers for you!

Handmade paintings

Handmade paintings are one of the most important and oldest products in Bimago online gallery. The most experienced and talented artists are designing and creating our handmade products. We want the paintings hanging on your wall to be true works of art - original and simply stunning! Therefore, each of the patterns from the handmade paintings collection is carefully designed specifically for this particular technique. By ordering a handmade painting you start a complicated production process: we will not only ensure an exact replication of the pattern, but also match it with originality and a uniqueness for the artwork. How do we do that? Find out how our handmade paintings are being created!

Canvas prints

Prints on canvas are not only practical and modern, but also decorative, if they are skillfully prepared, of course. Our keys to success: a well-developed manufacturing process and the highest quality materials in the hands of professionals. Still in doubt? Ask one of our specialists how permanent pigments are used in our toners or why we use the so thick canvas and not any other quality. They know how to shorten the production time so you don’t have to wait for a painting longer than necessary. They personally control the saturation of the colors as well as the photographic accuracy of the print. Wall decorations ordered in Bimago will always have the best quality!

Premium Print® on canvas

What is the uniqueness of the Premium Print service? Available only on Bimago technique it allows you to combine the advantages of a modern print and classical handmade painting. Ideally accurate canvas print becomes three-dimensional with texture and deep color as worthy as the best oil paintings. These are not just empty words. Find out for yourself as the effect is visible to the naked eye! The secret of this service is a special gel. It is levied on manually by a particularly experienced artist-painter, responsive to the original composition of lines and colors that would be emphasized by a structure gel. Do you want to see how it differs from a traditional canvas print? Check out gel application process and see how it affects the structure of a canvas print.

Wall stickers

Who would have thought that such a simple and quick to install decoration requires so much attention during production? Before a sheet of colored foil transforms into a tasteful sticker on your wall it has to go through many steps. Cutting, trimming and securing a special protective foil are just a few of them. Do you want to know them all? Keep reading to find out how Bimago wall stickers are made! Find out which of the production steps are hand-made and how we pack them to make sure that they will be delivered to your home unharmed. The last step is always yours – assemble the ordered sticker and see how beautifully and finesse it looks on your wall!


Bimago non woven wallpapers - a unique product. They are born in the creative graphic studio. Designers are looking for a special effect among the paints, scraps or especially interesting textures which often catch their attention. Hence soon - a new pattern, which your apartment is waiting for, will be ready! And when you order it the new pattern is sent to the most modern, almost cosmic printing machine. We create decorations that are not among the usual size - the most important is the quality and accuracy of the pattern. Each wave on a paradise beach must be explicit, a printed rose in the vase must have a color as fresh as in reality. All of this is to create a product that’s not only perfect in every pixel, but also delightfully original!