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Grey wallpaper stripe

Every stripe wallpaper is unique. With the numerous designs from bimago’s collection you can surely find the perfect one for your interior. Be it a living room, bedroom, kitchen or hallway, a grey striped wallpaper is the way to go! By adorning your personal space with a vertical stripe wallpaper, you create the impression that you have just lifted the ceiling. Evenly arranged vertical stripes also give the room and organised, tidy feel to it. Our experienced designers always keep up to date with the latest trends and we give you the asymmetric striped motif. By picking one of our vivid, asymmetric stripe wallpapers you get the best of both worlds. Bringing order to the equation, you automatically fill the room with positive energy and life. When considering interior design simplicity is always trendy. Especially in modern interiors where less means more and only the absolute necessities find their place in plain sight. Such a straightforward layout needs the right backdrop. We suggest that for minimalist interiors where you wish to introduce a balanced, calm touch you use wallpapers bedecked with wide, horizontal stripes. Thin or wide, or thick and wide, toned or vivid, horizontal, vertical or at an angle, here at our website we have got them all!

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Black and white striped wallpaper

A black and white striped wallpaper is a staple when it comes to interior design. Households are not the only places where a striped wallpaper will look awesome. Regardless if it's an office, a cafe, a restaurant, a bar or the humble cafeteria at your work place, a contrasting, striped wall decor always brings in a breath of fresh air and positive energy. Fight the dullness of everyday chores and hours spent at work by surrounding yourself with bimago's awesome wallpapers! You're just a few clicks away. Sit back, choose the right motif and size and in a few days’ time your walls will adorn the room instead of surrounding it.