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Tiger Wall Murals

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Tiger Wall Murals – a Wild Home Décor Idea

’Tyger Tyger, burning bright…’ – the tigers are beautiful yet dangerous creatures which have fascinated artists throughout the ages... There are also many beliefs and myths related to them. Nowadays, the tiger motif is still very popular and is eagerly used in interior décor. This unusual cat has also inspired us to create our tiger wall murals collection. The tiger, which is the epitome of courage, power and majesty, will add wow factor to your walls and give your room personality. Realistic photo wallpaper with tigers is also a perfect decoration for long distance travel lovers. It will give your interior a personal touch. The 3d mural wall featuring the silhouette of a tiger will look stunning, teamed with travel souvenirs and oriental decorations which will continue the theme. The animal motif is so universal, it will work great in different interiors. The tiger wall mural can be used creatively in many different ways. Below you’ll find 5 ideas to create an original interior décor with tiger motif.

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5 Décor Inspirations with a Tiger Mural:

1. Oriental interior with a tiger motif as a focal point – the image of a tiger or tiger stripes on a wall mural are an exotic motif that is associated with the Far East. With such wall decoration we can easily introduce the Oriental style into our apartment. There can be many different takes on the Asian inspired decorations. Whether we decide on an understated, colonial style or a sumptuous Indian interior, a tiger wall mural will certainly make our space unique. It will add a pop of colour in a colonial décor characterised by light, beige shades. As the statement decoration, it will surely catch the eye. On the other hand, if we opt for an interior in rich Indian colours, the wall mural featuring tiger will complete the bold look. To create modern Oriental style we can use Far Eastern motifs and adapt them to our interiors. The tiger mural combined with contemporary furniture and small decorative elements will definitely make an impact in such room décor.

2. Exuberant boho style with a tiger on mural – the charm of artistic bohemia in the interior will appeal to everyone who loves vivid colours and cosy rooms filled with many decorations and accessories. An amazing, positive feel of such room will surely be enhanced by an exotic wall mural with a tiger motif. Wilderness, freedom and independence in interior décor can be emphasized by the image of a tiger, which is synonymous to these features. Moreover, such wall mural will introduce to the scheme colours characteristic to the boho style. Tiger stripes are the perfect pattern for interiors filled with ethnic accessories. Thanks to this motif we will achieve a coherent and colourful design, with an artistic, independent feel.

3. A 3d tiger wall mural in a modern interior – a tiger motif can decorate our wall in an original way. The bimago collection features the latest trend-led designs. The 3d tiger murals are certainly a modern take on this animal motif. In our shop you can find both tiger wallcoverings with a 3d effect and patterns in black and white colours. Due to universal character of the decoration, it will fit into a modern bedroom, living room as well as an office. A minimalist interior will look exceptional with a black and white tiger image on the wall. It will also add character and depth to a trendy, elegant living room.

4. Glamour style tiger mural – an elegant, luxurious décor, golden elements and sleek surfaces with an animal motif? We guarantee that a wall mural with tiger will add drama and depth to such a design. The animal motif on an elegant photo wallpaper will put a unique stamp on the room. A black and white or monochromatic wall mural will bring natural charm to rooms decorated in glamour style.

5. Rustic ambience in harmony with nature – wooden furniture, stone floors and earthy colour palette are characteristic for rustic style interiors. This décor takes inspiration from nature in many different ways. Even though such design is rather associated with our local, European landscape, it is an interesting idea to bring an exotic touch to such interior. A tiger wall mural will break up the scheme and add interest to it. Partnered with wicker furniture and green plants, such wall decoration will create a harmonious, coherent look.