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Stag Wall Murals

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Stag Wall Mural – a Nature Inspired Decoration “Deer” to Our Hearts

Wooden floor, wall murals featuring stags, forest and nature together with a number of potted plants is a recipe for a stylish, ecological interior. Contemporary interior design trends reflect popular topics and environmental protection is currently one of them. Nature-inspired motifs don’t have to be uninteresting and bland. Our collection of stag wall murals proves that they can be an inspiration for various interiors. The realistic, abstract and geometric deer images will appeal to the taste of Scandinavian, rustic or even boho style lovers. Give them a chance and you’ll see how they will breathe tranquillity into your room!

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Original Stag Mural Wallpaper Ideas

Forget about dated pictures of deer and dull landscapes. Stag wall décor has undergone a total makeover! It owes it to the minimalist and Scandinavian style which has been extremely popular for the last few years. Modern stag murals are often black and white or monochromatic, subtle-toned, stylish decorations. However, they’re still available in a variety of designs. Currently on the market you can find such motifs as:

  • a black and white deer silhouette on a wall mural
  • a stag mural featuring a collage of various Scandinavian-inspired motifs
  • the forest and deer’s natural environment in unusual colour scheme, e.g. rainbow-coloured
  • stag head combined with human body – a funny and abstract design ideal for modern, bold interiors
  • graphic images of deer antlers in different compositions, colours and styles
  • a stag wall mural with golden hints which adds interest to the natural motif and gives it a completely different look

Create a Scandinavian Feel with a Deer Wall Mural and Other Decorations

Despite the cold weather and lack of sunshine, the Scandinavians are known for their good humour. In fact, they are one of the most happy nations in the world. The Danish hygge attitude is about enjoying the little things, which can not only apply to lifestyle but also to interior décor. If you find this attitude attractive or you’d like achieve this state of mind yourself, then you should opt for the Scandinavian style in your interior. Light, subdued colours, warm lighting, natural materials and minimalist decoration is a recipe for interior design, where you’ll feel at ease. A stag wall mural and black and white patterns will certainly be the perfect complement to such space. A forest mural with a deer silhouette or black and white graphics picturing this animal will allow you to create a Scandi-style interior and bring you closer to nature. This wall decoration together with soft light, comfortable sofa and scented candles will help you to create your personal sanctuary. A deer wall mural is therefore recommended especially for the living room and bedroom, which often serve as relaxation spaces.

The Enduring Appeal of Nature on Deer Mural Wallpaper

Wall decorations with deer motif are making a great comeback after being a little bit refreshed. The outcome of this change is simply stunning! Classic forest landscapes with deer have been replaced by modern, Scandinavian style wall murals. The antler trophies decorating the walls have given way to accessories featuring deer images such as pillows, posters, cup coasters and kitchenware. The designers have shown us that in modern trends we can go a little wild and use animal motifs in an unconventional way. If you find the world of nature particularly interesting, we recommend you a stag wall mural, which has great decorative potential and will give your interior a unique touch. In bimago collection you will find wonderful photographs of majestic deer in their natural environment, which create a specific atmosphere, as well as stag wall murals picturing this beautiful animal in some unusual sceneries. Visit our animal photo wallpaper gallery and find your dream wall art!