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Fish Wall Murals

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Fish Wall Mural – Enjoy the Underwater World at Home

Are you fascinated by the underwater world? Curious what mysteries are lying deep beneath the sea? If so, then our fish wall murals will surely catch your eye. In this collection you will find motifs such as tropical fish, sharks, dolphins and beautiful coral reefs. An aquarium wall mural with colourful fish will allow you to recreate the wonderful submarine landscape in your interior. Displayed in large-format, it will create a huge impact and make you feel as if you were observing the underwater world from the safety of your own home... The blue of the ocean is very calming and deep, perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Classic Blue has also been announced the colour of the year 2020 (while 2019 belonged to the Living Coral), so if you are looking for a trendy interior décor idea, then a fish tank wall mural will be the right choice. For a cohesive look, you can team coral reef photos with marine patterns.

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Brighten up Your Interior with a Tropical Fish and Coral Reef Wall Mural

The exotic coral reefs, colourful shoals of fish and the idyllic blue of the ocean are synonymous with paradise. The relaxing underwater landscape will breathe tranquillity into your interior. A coral reef wall mural will give your interior an injection of colour. Amazing and strikingly realistic photos of the water world which is a home to a variety of marine creatures such as fish, dolphins, turtles and octopus, definitely make a statement. An interesting décor idea is to hang such wall mural… on a ceiling! Fish photo wallpaper is also a real treat for fishing lovers. In the bimago collection you can also find wall murals with sharks, which will certainly appeal to those who are looking for bold and original decorations.

Clownfish, Dolphins and Other Motifs Perfect for Child's Room

Have you seen ‘Finding Nemo’? This extremely popular animated film showed us that the underwater world can be really exciting and appeal to the youngest audience. You can find images of clownfish, which is Nemo’s breed, in our gallery. Dolphins are another much-loved underwater creatures. They’re joyful, friendly and incredibly intelligent animals which have developed their own systems of communication. No wonder dolphins have starred in many family films. They are also perfect companions for your child! We therefore recommend a dolphin wall mural for kid’ room. These funny, underwater mammals will cheer the space up. Another popular option for child’s bedroom are underwater landscapes in vivid colours which awaken the imagination of the little ones!

Fishing Wall Mural Décor Ideas

Underwater creatures and the depths of the ocean are a timeless theme that will fit into any room at home. Fishing wall murals are also a great décor idea for bait shops, pet shops or fish restaurants. Fish mural wallpaper can also complement a room with a fish tank. Keeping fish as pets is very relaxing and aquariums can play a truly decorative role. Hanging a wall mural will complete the interior’s look. This solution can also personalise our space and fun it up. Keep in mind that at bimago you can find fish motif on either non-woven or self-adhesive wall murals which are super easy to hang!