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Dog Wall Murals

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Dog Wall Murals – a Much-Loved Theme Used in Interior Décor

No matter if they’re cute little fellows or gentle giants... We love them all! That's why we've decided to create a collection of wall murals dedicated to dogs The image of your beloved pet can thus now become a wall decoration in your room. A German shepherd, dachshund or pug photo wall mural is an ideal decoration for animal lovers. Just like every dog has a unique character, each of our wall mural evokes different feelings. Dalmatians, rough collies or St. Bernards on the wall decoration will remind us of famous films staring dogs such as ‘101 Dalmatians’, ‘Lassie Come Home’ and 'Beethoven’. On the other hand, a funny French bulldog wall mural will fill us with positivity. The image of Labrador or Basset Hound will make the interior feel cosy and evoke domesticity. Besides, animals bring us together. No matter what breed it pictures, a dog wall mural will be a great joy for the whole family. We recommend this collection for people who love nature and animals and look for original wall art for their homes.

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3D Wall Murals and Other Funny Decorations with Animal Motif

A dog wall mural will add effortless interest to your room. If you're a fan of pop art or humorous, colourful interior design, we suggest that you take a look at our collection. Dogs are a natural and optimistic motif, which provides a perfect backdrop to any home filled with positivity. A dog 3d wall mural can not only fun the place up but is also small-space friendly. If you want to complement your wall decoration, you can choose among many other accessories with dog motif. The market is full of cushions, bedding or elegant figures made of noble materials presenting pets. Repeated animal motif will show your sense of humour and positive attitude and at the same time create a unique interior design. Don’t be afraid and feel free to play with trends inspired in nature and use them creatively in your home décor. Wall murals with dog motif are an interesting decorative solution that will add a cheerful touch to your room. It will be anything but boring!

Puppy Wall Murals as a Child's Bedroom Decoration

Cute dogs are a perfect wall décor idea for your child's room. If your little one has a four-legged friend or loves animals in general, then dog mural wallpaper will certainly be a perfect choice for their bedroom. Decorations with dog portraits or photos of playing puppies will add a pop of colour and energy to the interior. Would you rather choose a cute pug or maybe a friendly border collie? In our collection you can find a variety of designs inspired by home pets. The variety of colours makes it easy to choose a wall mural convenient both for boy’s and girl’s bedroom. Such decoration will certainly make the youngest members of the family happy. Moreover, if a dog wall mural is not enough and we want to complete the interior’s look with other decorations of the same kind, we can opt for posters and furniture stickers designed for children's room. A wide selection of products featuring dogs will make it easy to create a dream kid's bedroom décor.

Other Dog Mural Application Ideas

A wall mural is a large-format decoration that can make a statement in the interior with its eye-catching motif and vivid colours. It does not take up any space, on the contrary – it makes a room feel larger. Besides, it’s easy to apply and cheap. Such a decoration is a perfect solution for public places, which should inspire positive feelings. We therefore recommend dog wall murals for various shared spaces. An obvious choice for such decoration would be a vet's office, a pet shop or a dog grooming salon. However, there’s nothing wrong about using this motif in other places. A French bulldog wall mural will be an interesting addition to boutiques and elegant shops. On the other hand, funny puppies will work great in kindergarten or playrooms and amuse the children. Modernly designed and high quality dog photo wallpaper will add an original touch to the office, conference rooms, waiting rooms or cafes. Keep in mind that bimago wall murals and wallpapers are available both in non-woven or self-adhesive versions!