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Cat Wall Mural

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Cat Wall Mural Collection – Purr-fect Wall Decorations

Playful, temperamental and a little bit lazy… Even though they are free-spirited individualists who lead secret lives and are not always willing to obey us, they also bring us a lot of joy. Some even say that a home without a cat “is just a house”... If you are a cat person, then you should definitely have a look at our cat mural collection. These beautiful and graceful creatures are a perfect theme for interior decoration in modern style. In bimago gallery you will find large-format cat and kitten wallcoverings, 3d photographs with depth effect, black and white graphic images and tiger wall murals. Animal motifs are excellent complements to nature lover’s home. They evoke domesticity and set a mood of comfort. If you are looking for inspiration for unique wall decoration, we encourage you to read some hints on using a cat wall mural in your interior.

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Where to Hang a Wall Mural with Cats?

You may think that for a cat lover, any place will be good to hang a wall mural with their favourite animal. Let us suggest, however, the designs that will work well in different rooms: - 3d cat wallpaper mural which makes the cat look so real, you’d think it will come out of the picture, also makes a room feel larger. The effect of depth is created by the play of lights and shadows which makes the wall mural look stunning. 3D wallcovering will work great in larger interiors, such as living room or office, where it can really make a statement. On the other hand, in modest-sized rooms, like hallways, a 3d cat wall mural will open up the space. - A black and white cat mural is a perfect decoration for the bedroom. A subdued yet elegant colour scheme breathe tranquillity into the interior. You will certainly feel at ease when entering a room within a muted palette. It’s an ideal space for relaxation! - A kitten wall mural will lift your mood and bring optimism to your room. This design will work well in any interior, but we especially recommend it for children's bedrooms or kindergartens. The youngest cat lovers will be delighted with the company of their favourite pet. - Cat photo wall murals are decorations that can be used in a place that is related to animals. If you have a veterinary office or a pet shop, you can add interest to your interior design simply by hanging a wall mural. The clients will be delighted!

Cats Hang out Not Only on Wall Murals

Cats are very lovable creatures. No wonder they are so popular… Even though some believe that dogs are man’s best friends, let’s face it – these are the cats who rule the internet! We’ll never get tired of funny images and videos staring our furry friends. In fact, cat images are omnipresent – they also appear on pillows, cups, candles, pots and posters. Apart from that, we can wear feline patterns on clothes, jewellery or bags. The number of such products on the market is a proof of how much we love cats and kittens. A cute cat wall mural is another way to show our love for these four-legged creatures and also to embellish our interior. The cat photo wallpaper collection by bimago will allow you to decorate your home or office with the images of your favourite animal. The variety of patterns in our gallery shows that cats can inspire us in many ways. Hanging a cat wall mural in your apartment will create a cosy feel and add a cheerful touch to the room.

Where to Buy a Cat Mural for Walls?

In the bimago cat mural wall mural collection you can find the most beautiful designs featuring our feline friends. The photos of cats in their natural environment will surely appeal to nature lovers. This wall decoration will create an impression of a snug and lived-in space. Apart from wall murals, in bimago shop you can also find cat wallpapers - tiger stripes and leopard spots are an interesting way to sneak your favourite animal print into your interior décor. Keep in mind that at bimago you can opt for either non-woven or self-adhesive wall murals which are super easy to hang! It is also an excellent gift idea or… it can be a little treat for yourself! If you are looking for other decorations with cats, check out also our painting, poster and wall sticker collections. Or perhaps you’re rather fond of bigger cats than their little tamed cousins? No problem – tigers, lions and leopards also await you in our animal collection!