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Bird Wall Murals

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Bird Wall Mural – Create Your Perfect Nest

The interior décor trends often reflect current moods and interests. Ecological conscience, returning to nature and environmental protection have strongly influenced the way we decorate our interiors. Inspired by the living world, our bird mural wallpaper collection have been designed in accordance to the latest trends, both in terms of the theme and colour scheme. The of-the-moment exotic motifs can be found on wall murals featuring flamingos, parrots and hummingbirds. These decorations radiate positive energy and come in wonderful colours. The bimago animal collection wouldn't be complete without these amazing flying creatures. Elegant, black and white wall decorations will surely please fans of minimalistic interior design. Our designers, inspired by the beauty of nature, have also created some incredible bird artwork. Wall murals picturing owls sitting on branches or collages with hummingbirds surrounded by flowers will be an interesting addition to any interior. So for original and beautiful wall decorations, look no further!

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Flamingo Wall Murals – an Exotic Touch in the Interior

Tropical motifs are still hot! If you’ve ever dreamed about bringing exoticism into your interior, now there’s a chance. Enjoy the summer feeling all year round with a flamingo wall mural! Complemented by a number of plants, accessories in lively colours and light, airy fabrics, it will bring a positive vibe to your room. Lovers of the tropics and the beach will certainly feel at home, hanging out in such space. However, pink flamingo wall mural can also work great in different kind of interiors. In a classic, neutral room, the image of a bright bird will add a pop of colour and interest. If we combine it with contrasting scheme, we will create a bold, modern look. This solution will especially appeal to those who are looking for original and statement decorations. If we prefer a rather understated interior design, let's pair a flamingo wall mural with furniture and accessories in a gentle muted colour palette. We will thus achieve a harmonious scheme which will create tranquil mood, perfect to relax.

Hummingbird, Peacock and Parrot Wall Murals: an Explosion of Colours

Colourful bird feathers are a proof of the incredible creativity of Mother Nature, which will never cease to amaze us. Thanks to their multi-toned plumage, birds are a perfect decorative motif to add a splash of colour to our interiors. The parrot wall mural is a combination of nature and exoticism, which will appeal to lovers of tropical and playful interior design. If we want to bring an original look to our room, we can team the severity of grey concrete with a colourful hummingbird wall mural. Such design will make a statement and will definitely attract the eye. A peacock wall mural is a no less stylish decoration. The grace and pride of these beautiful birds will add an elegant touch to the room. Exotic design trends also give us a perfect excuse to go wild... with colours! Thanks to tropical bird wall murals, we can introduce wonderful, vivid tones to our interior. If you dream of an eye-catching wall decoration, then you should definitely invite parrots, hummingbirds or flamingos to your living room.

Vintage Bird Murals with a Romantic Flair

Birds are symbols of freedom, hope and spirituality. There’s something poetic about watching them fly high in the sky. Not to mention their lovely singing… If you’re passionate about birds, then you should definitely visit our animal wall mural gallery. The universal character of this motif makes this decoration suitable for your living room, bedroom or teenager's room. Vintage wall murals picturing birds flying over the forest or owls sitting among tree branches are dedicated to those who love romantic interior design with soul. A wall mural with birds in a misty forest will create a dreamy mood in a room. Together with books, candles and family photos, it will make a quiet and snug nook where you will be able to spend some ‘me-time’ and relax. A black and white owl wall mural as well as grey-toned decorations with silhouettes of flying birds are a perfect option for Scandinavian-style interiors. If you are looking for wall art with a message, then you’ll find it in the bird wallcovering collection.