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Text posters

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Posters with text

Posters with text are designed for those who are fed up with typical landscape posters and repetitive themes. Bimago’s collection is full of stylish posters with life sayings and quotes of the pop culture icons and the most famous people from the 20th century. Cinephiles will be happy to have a poster with beautiful Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe on their walls. Such prints will look really good in a bedroom surrounded by light and colourful accessories like flowers or elegant boxes. Motivational quotes will create a unique atmosphere in your home, and the stylish fonts will accent the sophisticated character of the prints. As for the fans of the crazy ’60s, they will be happy to get a poster with Jimi Hendrix. Posters with Malcolm X, James Dean or Martin Luther King Jr with one dominant colour will be perfect for a well-lit bright office. You can also make an original composition by combining a few posters in different colours. Posters with texts also go well with retro-style interiors. You can also create a retro-modern atmosphere in your room thanks to a combination of modern accessories with posters with quotes in a vintage font inspired by famous advertisements from the ’50s or ’60s and classic comic books. We also have not forgotten of themed posters. Cycling fans will like biker posters with inspirational slogans. What is more, decorations with texts are a good idea for a present to a new flat or house!

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Caption posters

If you think that your room lacks a happy atmosphere and that it needs some refurbishment, then caption posters are something you are looking for! Bimago’s decorations are universal and will look good in every room and on every wall. The texts on the posters are timeless, so anyone will take to them. Would you like to breathe a new life to your bathroom or a kitchen? Hang a framed poster in your bedroom and start your day with a positive attitude! Fancy patterns will look ideal against light tiles or wallpapers. For the minimalistic or Nordic style interiors, we have decorations with simple and elegant prints like Live Simply poster. And for inspiration-seekers, we recommend quotations of real stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger. They will look good in any house, regardless of its style. Universal shapes and colours will put you in a positive mood, and they will be your daily source of motivation and adventure!