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Retro Posters

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Retro prints

Retro is among one of the most popular interior design styles right now. It catches the attention of both the sentimental elderly and the young who have just started discovering its roots. As it is so universal, the retro style matches decorations in the office, house and school interiors. Posters are important elements of retro. Intricate patterns and subtly matched colours successfully fight off the common stereotype according to which retro is all about old and run-down things. We associate the style with advertisements from the 50’s or movie posters that are famous for precision and attention to detail. We still derive from the retro style when designing our interiors. It matches both elegant and modern rooms by adding a slightly eclectic air. Rooms designed in a stylish old-fashioned way will also look good with one or two retro posters on the walls. A retro bicycle in the foreground will give the room an exclusive character. Cyclists will take to the posters too. As for rooms inspired by the previous era, we recommend prints in greyish tones and shades. Retro Mickey Mouse is an interesting poster for both comic book and American culture fans. The poster will look good in minimalistic interiors as well. It is due to to the balanced proportions of the images. The greyish texture is the essence of the vintage style.

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Retro posters

Retro prints remind us vividly of the old good times and ideas. Many of us associate retro design with their childhood and teenage years. There are a few main themes and features of retro. Right now, the elements in fashion are old film cameras and prints which portray photos from vintage and slightly dirty camera film. A classic example would be our Retro Bus with the well-known Volkswagen Micro Bus from the ’60s. Vintage cars or Harley motorcycles are one of the most recurring retro motifs. This style has several characteristic elements. Vivid, bright colours are especially important. You can see them in the Wine Club poster. The unique pattern design of this art print will look really good in well-lit rooms and with vintage accessories like a record player. Retro graphics will build a relaxing atmosphere. Together with modern accessories, they will create an original “retro-modern” style. There is no need to give up on modern style when designing a room originally and creatively. A good example of that would be Black Elegance. When put together with modern art pieces or in an industrial interior, the poster will create a truly unique composition. Flower Bike poster will also work well with subdued colours. Delicate purple broken down with grey shades will look splendid when surrounded by lavenders or violets. When designing the vintage art prints, the main focus was put on building the aura of mystery and secrecy. Italy Postcard poster creates a truly mysterious and mystic atmosphere. We achieved this by combining toned-down colours and a texture that looks like old and slightly dirty. When framed, the poster will look especially good hanging beside your home library.