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20 x 20 cm posters with frame

Interior design loves simplicity. Here's where bimago's 20x20 poster comes in. Whether you choose a single image or a gallery of posters, your room will surely benefit from the breath of fresh air and positive energy that stylish wall decor provides. Twenty by twenty centimetres is a size that you can fit virtually anywhere. The unparalleled choice of posters available on our website provides you with countless compact pictures which you can place on your wall in the form of a poster 20 x 20 cm. The square shape of these posters makes them ideal for commercial spaces. Regardless of your choice of image a well-placed poster makes all the difference. A simple „Hello” on the front door of your business can change your visitors’ attitude in the blink of an eye. Another place perfect for posters is your work place. It will never be the same thanks to a gallery full of intriguing pictures and trendy quotes bedecking your walls. By arranging a 20x20 poster on wall gallery you can completely transform an interior. Their square shape makes them ideal for compact interiors. A vertical triptych consisting of square posters placed on any living room wall will make it seem larger. A kitchen or hallway are also great spots where you can place a 20x20 poster from bimago's vast collection. Every compact interior can become a beloved household in the blink of an eye. Just pop a couple of stylish posters on the wall and that's it! On our website you can also find lovely galleries made of posters. Such a gallery is ideal for commercial spaces, offices and restaurants regardless if it's vintage design, modern or Scandinavian style. Even bathroom walls will flourish when adorned with 20x20 posters from bimago. For bathrooms our designers suggest bright images and colourful quotes. On our website you will surely find the perfect ones for your bathroom space.