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Space, stars and planets posters

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Space prints

Space has fascinated humanity from the very beginning. Interstellar travel is a thing that not only fans of science fiction dream about. The boundless space that is out there, different galaxies, millions and millions of stars will always stimulate the human imagination and motivate us to explore the secrets of our endless universe. No wonder that a lot of home walls include space prints, galaxy prints, star prints, earth posters and constellation posters viewed from our earth as well as from the telescopes that orbit the blue planet.

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Earth and other planets poster

A space poster is a very graceful topic as the choice of images is virtually endless. In fact, you can introduce a fascinating, intense detail even to the most minimalist interior with a simple planet poster, a star poster or an awesome poster depicting a vast galaxy. The universe can also be romantic! Posters with romantic patterns and quotes on a pink background, such as the "Cosmic Flamingo" or "Love You to the Moon and Back", are unique decorations for the bedroom or as a gift for a loved one. Long story short, a space poster is a timeless arrangement hit and a decoration that will never get boring.

Galaxy prints and constellations posters

A poster depicting a galaxy, full of stars or maybe a poster with constellations which can be visible on our side of the globe? Amongst the hundreds of images in our collection you will undoubtedly find something for you. A real fan of astronomy can go for multiple posters depicting a single planet, constellation of stars or a poster with the northern lights. A detailed, realistic picture of the planets in the solar system like Mars, Jupiter or Saturn will also be an awesome decorative idea for rooms of young fans of interstellar travel. On the other hand, the "Astronaut profession" poster will fill the interior with tranquillity and clear the air of negative vibes.