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Lake posters

Water is one of the most important earthly riches. Nothing can grow without it. So decorations with this motive are not just mere room accessories, but an act of paying tribute to this amazing source of energy. With this in mind, bimago designed a series inspired by lakes. Our posters will make you feel at peace with the world, and they will bring harmony into your rooms. In our collection of prints, you will find Lake Louise, Lake Minnewanka, Lake Vermillion and more. The natural colours and shades of the landscapes are faithfully reproduced, and you will like to stare at them in the wintertime. As they bring tranquillity and peace, they will be perfect for the corner where you practise meditation. For those of romantic nature, we recommend the Romantic Lake poster and Longing poster. They will also be the ideal gifts for your significant other. These breath-taking views symbolize the slow passing of time, and they remind us of how important it is to enjoy every second of our lives. What is more, you will find dozens of other lake prints which will conjure up the happy moments you spent by the lake. You may try to put together a few posters of this category to create a unique memories composition.

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Waterfall posters

Waterfalls are one of the most stunning and breath-taking views the Mother Nature gave to our planet. After all, they have been a source of inspiration for numbers of artists who depicted them in their pictures or perpetuated them in writing. Waterfall prints are therefore ideal as room decorations. For example, Niagara Waterfall poster will put you in an optimistic mood and will fill your home with positive energy. The view of Mountain Waterfall, on the other hand, will look good when surrounded by wooden accessories and neutral colours. Hang it in a frame to get the most of a rustic-styled room. For those who seek inspiration and unforgettable views, we recommend the romantic print depicting Seljalandsfoss waterfall which flows from the Eyjafjallajökull glacier in Iceland. If you have never really thought of visiting any Nordic country yet, then our poster may change your mind.

River posters

Wall decorations inspired by the river theme not only captivate but also maintain harmony in a room. Sitting by the river helps you calm down after a long day at work, and it also looks good when put on a postcard. Thanks to river posters, you can bring such a relaxing view into your room. They will also create a positive and calming atmosphere in your office. In bimago’s offer, you will find captivating posters with rivers at their heart which will beautifully decorate the interiors of your home or workplace. For example, the monochromatic Cold Stream or Bicycles on Bridge will enchant the new room and bring positive aura. The grey shades are universal elements that will decorate the room with taste. Both wild nature and city admirers will take to the river posters. Mountain River and Forest River posters have beautiful and authentic colours that evoke the calming smell of trees in a forest. Hang them in your room and check if you can hear the quiet stream or the cheerful singing of birds. These posters are ideal for a bedroom or a living room. Add some plants and hanging lamps to change your home into a real nature reserve. You will be unhappy to leave it! Nature is an old good theme that works wonders in all interiors!