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Wine Posters

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Wine art prints

Wine posters are ideal gift ideas for wine experts. They will enjoy our art prints just as much as they value the taste, smell and flavour of their favourite drink. The images of wine in a bottle, glass or wooden barrel reappear in art and interior designs. Now you may also find them in our posters. When surrounded by elegant accessories, our wine art pieces will make you feel like in an Italian winery or a French restaurant. It seems that wine can be experienced not only by tasting it but also by looking at it with your eyes! You can display your wine posters on plain walls and next to elegant furniture. They will also be suitable for red-coloured rooms. Apart from home interiors, our collection is also a good match for wineries and restaurants serving all kinds of wine. The wall decorations will improve the customers’ experience and will make them visit you again and again. Our wine art prints are as much indoors as outdoors decorations. A clip frame will do the job if you decide to hang them outside. Wine posters go well with plants and grapes. You will get a creative composition if you put together a few posters with grapes and bottled wine to present the process of how wine is produced. An incredible effect guaranteed!

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Vintage wine posters

Our collection of vintage wine posters aims to add a sophisticated touch and chic to your home interiors. They will look fantastic in stylish kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. We also recommend our wine art prints to serve as presents for your family member or friend who enjoys tasting different kinds of this elegant drink. What is more, vintage posters are also good alternatives for the traditional flowers we tend to give to the newly-weds. They will be more than happy to get such an original and at the same time stylish decoration. Our simple, minimalistic pattern designs are also very universal. They will embellish each room with taste. Posters depicting old green wine bottles and wooden barrels will go well with retro accessories, whereas art prints with a half-full glass are perfect for glamour and Scandinavian interiors. Bimago’s wide range of vintage wine posters will make it easier for you to find something that will match your home best.

White or red wine poster?

That is the question! Sommeliers claim that white wine tastes best with fish and desserts, whereas red wine is best for red meat. When it comes to bimago’s wine posters, the answer is easy – your intuition will tell you what’s best for your home interiors! We may only suggest some tried and trusted compositions. For example, both white and red wine posters depicting single glass are perfect for minimalistic and post-industrial rooms. Then, art prints depicting white or red wine bottles together with a cheese platter and other foods will be ideal for rustic kitchens and stylish dining rooms. You may also create an Italian winery atmosphere by designing a set of wine posters put together fancifully and surrounded by wooden accessories. A dim light will be the final touch of this composition. Think no more and let our wine art prints be your endless source of inspiration!