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Candy poster

Everyone loves them, and now they make themselves at home in our posters! That’s right! Candies became one of the most universal and original motifs in the world of wall decorations. In bimago’s offer, there are dozens of design patterns with the sweetest things under the sun. The variety of our candy posters will make it possible for you to decorate any room you choose. Thanks to their light and happy colours, powdered candies and hard candies will be ideal decorations for a teenage room or your little one’s bedroom. The colourful lollipops will make your kids jump for joy. They will not stop smiling even for a second! You can combine our candy posters with pop art or art deco accessories to create unique compositions. A glamour living room will be a match for our decorations as well.

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Dessert poster

Ice cream always saves us on sunny days. It is the best method to beat the heat, relax and enjoy summer to the fullest. Another mood-booster food we love are chocolates and delicious homemade pies. Sometimes all you need is to take a look at your favourite goodies to feel happy. That is why bimago designed a whole collection of dessert posters which will put you in a good mood instantly. Thanks to light, pastel colours, our art prints will bring joy to your interiors, and they will also create a pleasant atmosphere. You may also put our dessert posters in silver or golden frames to add some more sweet touch to your retro and glamour rooms. Another good idea is to combine a few chocolate and ice cream posters and put them together on plain walls. This composition will look good in a kitchen, dining room or even in ice cream parlours or cafés where the dessert posters will whet the appetite of your customers.

Sweets art prints

Whether you are looking for an original gift for your child, or feel like decorating your room from scratch, our sweets posters will be just the right thing for you! Thanks to the colourful and happy art prints, your interiors will stand out. Sweets decorations are not reserved for children rooms only. Their unique motifs will enchant all seekers of original accessories. The sweets art prints are perfect to combine with other topical pieces like our love posters with romantic quotations or floral posters. And how about matching them with vivid glamour posters depicting iconic stars like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe? Pop-art interiors will benefit from such compositions. And the icing on the cake would be an elegant frame for your sweets art prints. Who wouldn’t like a taste of that?