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Rose posters

Roses in many cultures are considered a symbol of love and femininity. This is why they were often found in Victorian interiors, subtle girl's rooms and boudoirs. Currently, delicate wallpapers with densely packed, small buds are often replaced with more intense, expressive images that never go unnoticed such as red, pink, yellow and white roses. The excellent quality of our products makes them look like real flowers.

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Framed roses wall art

Rose prints are a perfect proposition for virtually any home interior ranging from the living room through the bedroom, kids’ room and even the kitchen. This motif is so popular that its various interpretation ideas are simply countless. This made it a virtually universal theme which will be suitable for a toned, cosy bedroom just as well as for a pub teaming with life on a Friday night. Especially when we combine three elements: roses, posters and frames. When you want to fit a romantic bedroom with a rose poster from our collection, we recommend that you choose single flowers or bouquets in pastel colours. Always in an elegant, gold frame. The "World of roses" or "Level of feelings" posters will additionally emphasise the delicacy and lightness of your interior design. For those who enjoy a retro style, we created a series of posters with Victorian era depictions of roses as found in old botanical textbooks or on classic wallpapers. The "Heavenly Rose" is an example of such a retro style poster. On the other hand, those who love a modern, minimalist style will love a simple sketch of a rose framed in a thin, black, metal frame. Our offer also includes designs for people with a more extravagant taste - intriguing "Tiger on the shoulder" or "Watercolour portrait" posters.