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Dandelions posters

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Dandelions wall art

The common dandelion – who didn't love this flower as a child? The delicate, soft, light down was a source of joy for all of us. No wonder that dandelions are often chosen as the main theme for posters or wall stickers in children's rooms. However, you can see them not only there - a dandelion poster will also look great in adult bedrooms, living rooms, and even in offices and restaurants. The fragility of the dandelion constantly reminds us how important it is to seize the moment. Therefore, regardless of the choice of room, the "Dandelion" poster will create a magical, esoteric atmosphere.

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Framed dandelions posters

Modern, incredibly realistic dandelion posters are a great proposition for everybody who wants to keep their inner child alive and introduce some magic into their interiors. A simple, colourful graphic with a dandelion playing the main role will be the best choice for modern, minimalist interiors. Whereas a dandelion poster in shades of grey or sepia will be a better solution for rooms designed in a Scandinavian style or with retro accents. Dandelion posters available at bimago are a treasury of the most enchanting, magical images. Interestingly, these graphics are very often based on two concepts. The first is a close-up on a delicate, fluffy ball, which is proof of the extraordinary precision and ingenuity of nature. The second is the moment when individual seeds detach from the plant and soar up in the wind. Both of these versions are a tribute to beauty and each of them will look fantastic on the wall of any room you choose.