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Herbs Posters

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Herbs poster gallery

Have you got green fingers by any chance? If the answer is yes, then you will be thrilled to bits with our herbs posters! Our collection offers unique decorations that we dedicate to cosy kitchens and stylish bedrooms. Delicate, green plants on our prints deserve a special place in your apartment. They will look best on plain, light walls and next to indoor plants. Those who like to be as close to nature as possible may surround themselves with a whole gallery of our herbs posters. This way, the lovely fresh smell of herbs will not leave the interiors even in wintertime. You may also put together a few minimalistic art prints in simply arranged kitchens inspired by Scandinavian style. Bimago’s herbs posters will look beautiful against wall tiles or panels in subdued colours. We also recommend hanging our watercolour posters in rustic and retro rooms, while drawings and photos will embellish walls in modern kitchens. There are lots of herb designs in our collection. There is no doubt that you will find something special for your home!

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Herbal medicine poster

Herbal medicine posters provide us with a new trend that will transform your interiors for good. Our pattern designs will remind you of the mysterious home remedies prepared by your mother or grandma. These homemade medicines would always help you recover from a nasty illness. As for bimago’s collection of herbal medicine posters, it is indeed very original but also universal. You may hang them in a rustic or retro bedroom, a vintage kitchen or a modern dining room. When surrounded by wooden accessories and scented candles, you will feel like in the middle of the woods or a garden. Match two or three posters and hang them on light green walls to create an atmosphere of tranquillity. Such calm interiors will put you in a relaxed mood and will get you to pause for a second or two.

Culinary herbarium poster

Did you use to roam around meadows in search of rare plants for your herbarium? We bet that you were jumping for joy when you found a rare specimen that you dreamed of having in your collection. In fact, dried plants are a common motif in art pieces as it adds a delicate touch to stylish interiors. Thanks to bimago’s herbs posters, you can now embellish your living room, bedroom or study with unique specimens in an original form. As for kitchen decorations, we recommend our culinary herb posters. They will inspire you to discover new cuisines full of exotic flavours and delicious smells. Our small posters inspired by botanical sketchbooks will enrich cosy rustic kitchens, and they will create a warm atmosphere. The interiors will be filled with countryside charm and peacefulness. For spacious postindustrial kitchens, bimago prepared watercolour herbal art prints in elegant frames. Herbal drawings and photos will be ideal for modern and minimalistic dining rooms. The simplicity and carefully reproduced details will recreate the atmosphere of a lovely vegetable garden inside your home.