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Paint by Numbers Tiger






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Anyone can draw, but with the painting by numbers tiger set - it's fun and exciting! You will be able to create a real masterpiece with your own hands, even if you have reached for brushes and paints for the first time. Fascinating painting by numbers positively influences the mood and creative development, and in the end you get a fantastic effect - a personal masterpiece on the wall in the interior or as a handmade gift. Unleash your creativity with easy, fun, beautiful DIY. Spend a relaxing evening and create your own art!

Tiger paint by number kit

Seldom can you find an animal as elusive as the tiger. If you feel like having one of them in your home, bimago is here to help! With a paint by numbers tiger from our collection you can invite that beautiful beast into your personal space! A tiger face is the ultimate symbol of strength. Pop one on your wall and the room gets a whole new feel to it! Not only households but commercial spaces can benefit from such wall decor as well! An office with a tiger on the wall becomes the definition of a productive, active space! A bar or pub can get a pinch of style in the blink of an eye!

There's a magic part to our painting by numbers tiger series. You not only get to pick the tiger of your liking. You create it! Bit by bit you will make your own tiger come to life! Our tiger paint by number kit comes 100% ready to use. Unpack, sit back and paint! The canvas is pulled over an eco-friendly wooden frame. It has outlines with numbered spaces. The numbers correspond to colours. You only need to pick the right brush size, they are also included in the package, and your adventure with art begins. With all of its stripes and whiskers, painting an image of a tiger will be an awesome exercise in patience and a great way to relieve yourself of all of the stress that you have experienced. Bad day at work? No problem. Quarrel with your loved one? No problem. Just sit down, pick the right brush and paint. You will be surprised how quickly your own big cat will get its shape and colour! A tiger paint by number kit from our website will make a brilliant gift! Just think about it. You give your loved one a simple canvas with numbered spaces and paint. And day by day, hour after hour they can see their tiger grow! And the best part is that they can bedeck their personal space with their own work of art.