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Cosmos Painting on canvas

With our Bimago pictures you can reach the farthest corners of the cosmos. Thanks to the achievements of today's technology, we can put our eyes on the most spectacular sights of the universe. With bimago's space canvas prints, you can view these stunning images anytime you want. For starters, we propose that you take a look at the night sky. The humble moon - the Earth's companion since the beginning of time. The moon is a simple ball of lunar rock, and still, what a hypnotizing feeling it is to watch the full moon on a clear summer or winter night. Our satellite doesn't care. But you do! During those cold, snowy winter nights, it's much better to observe the moon on the space themed photo wallpapers from our collection while sitting on your comfy living room couch next to an air-conditioned fireplace. We offer our high-quality space photo wallpapers in two installation options: self-adhesive and intarsia. The above technique conceals minor wall imperfections and provides additional thermal insulation.

Within its widths, our vast solar system is only the beginning of a journey into the boundless universe. Bimago's galaxy paintings will take you even further than the moon, Mars or even Pluto. A matchless imagination stimulator, the space pictures for children will brighten the room and the dreams of your little ones! A galaxy, a Planet, a Milky Way, a nebula, an astronaut or even a spaceship - we have everything you need! Of course, not only children's rooms will benefit from a photo wallpaper space. The variety of our space pictures makes them a perfect choice for virtually any interior out there, from large dining rooms to narrow hallways. When thinking about space wall decor, you need to remember that the sky's the limit, not the ceiling. Our Cosmos canvas prints will literally take your breath away when applied to a ceiling!