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Do you dream of a cosy and cheerful room? Do not miss the bimago pastel canvas wall art collection! Decorations in shades of mint, light blue, or powder pink will embellish your interior and put you in a good mood. Pastel canvas are perfect for rooms intended for rest, or body care: bedroom, children's room, therapy room, or beauty salon. There are many possibilities when it comes to choosing a theme! You can decide of pastel prints with delicate flowers, animals, landscapes, or inscriptions.

Pastel Canvas Prints

Delicate and subtle colors never go out of style and décor in the shades of mint, powder pink or light blue perfectly complement any arrangement. Pastel paintings from the offer of bimago are a perfect example of that and that is why they are often chosen both for private houses and commercial spaces. Especially that apart from the color basis they can differ in literally everything - theme, size, degree of realism and the way of finishing. Our store offers canvas paintings in the form of a landscape in pastel tones, author's painting, fascinating collages and abstractions as well as drawings and linear and geometric compositions. With such variety, every lover of delicate and stylish decorations is sure to find something for their living room or any other freely chosen interior.

Peaceful, gentle colors with a big admixture of white make the interior feel light, cozy and free. Choosing a pastel picture for a living room you can turn it into a place conducive to rest and relaxation, as well as encouraging long meetings with family and friends. A similar effect of tranquility can be also achieved in other interiors, for example ordering pastel paintings for a bedroom, a home library or a baby's room. Decorations in the color of candy pink, mint, light olive or purple, for example in the form of a painting with flowers and general floral motifs, will also be perfect in a teenager's bedroom, a romantic study or a woman's dressing room. Light, toned paintings will be a good idea for a wall gallery also in a massage salon or a therapeutic office - places, where nothing should distract your guests. Place your order and in just a few days you can beautify your walls with this unique wall decoration. It is an extremely fashionable accessory that everyone will surely want to have in their home.


Paintings in pastel colours

Romantic, sentimental, sophisticated, delicate. This can be the look of your home, beauty salon or office! Paintings in pastel colours will give your space a sublime touch. It will make the atmosphere wonderful and you can sink into deep relaxation and indulgence. Pastel paintings will help you to experience the relaxation you crave. Such a state is much needed! If you can make it easier to achieve it with beautiful and attractive wall decorations - why not! In this bimago collection we offer pastel pictures suitable for almost any interior. The choice is very wide. Paintings of pastel colours can soothe, relax and bring a harmonious state of calm. Soft, muted pink, light blue or lavender? Give your room a unique style with these shades! Pastel paintings will make a room look chic and elegant. What can be found on such wall decorations? Flowers, geometric figures, clouds, characters and much more.

Pastel flower paintings

Paintings of pastel flowers are unique decorations that are suitable for children's rooms, teenagers, as well as parents' bedrooms. You can also hang pastel paintings in your kitchen or bedroom without worrying about the effect. It all depends on your imagination and creativity! Pastel paintings for children depict lovely colours and content that are conducive to the development and aesthetics of a toddler. By decorating your kid's room this way, you are creating the perfect space for their safe and healthy development. Pastel paintings for the bedroom are a great idea if you want to give this room a more romantic, delicate and feminine character. A pastel painting for the living room, on the other hand, will make it a more chic, sentimental and luxurious place. The selected wall decorations we offer will help you create a place even in glamour style. Pastel paintings for the bedroom or other interiors can be a great gift idea for your "other half" or a couple of friends. As you can see, you can use them in a variety of ways.