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Birds wallpapers: flamingos, owls, parrots and other motifs

The Bird wallpaper collection has a huge variety of motifs, patterns and colours. In our rich offer you will find the most fashionable colours and inspirations that will successfully decorate an elegant living room, a minimalist bedroom, a modern office and an original children's room. If you love birds and unusual wall decorations, you will be able to decorate the whole house with bimago products. Nature inspirations and fashionable colours are the features that characterize patterns in this category. Flamingo wallpapers with a fashionable pink colour accent could not be missing among them. In turn, patterns with swallows or eagles are elegant, black and white patterns dedicated to this colour scheme interior lovers. Our offer also includes wallpapers with owls - you will find here patterns dedicated to both a children's room, as well as elegant patterns perfect for the living room. Parrots are the next birds on the wallpaper with us. Exotic, vivid colours look great on wall decorations. The wallpapers with toucans, pelicans and hummingbirds also have great colours. Check out amazing wallpapers with birds and little birds in the bimago collection.

Flamingos wallpaper - a hint of exoticism in your interior

Modern inspirations and fashionable, exotic motifs have resulted in the creation of beautiful wallpapers with flamingos. The pink plumage of these birds, combined with contrasting colours, are extremely effective patterns. This combination of colours is perfect for modern glamour-style interiors. The rich ornamentation makes this pattern the dominant decoration in the room. If you do not want to overdo it with ornaments, we recommend giving flamingos wallpaper only on one of the walls and paint the rest in a similar colour. Thanks to this, we will designate the central decorative point in the room. The wallpaper with flamingos can be placed next to the furniture, but we recommend that you do not hang other wall decorations, such as prints or photos, around it. By sticking to these rules, the flamingo wallpaper will be properly displayed and will not overwhelm the interior arrangement.

Owls wallpaper not only in the child's room

Colourful owls on the wallpaper is a lovely wall decoration that will bring wonderful, vivid colours to your child's room. The repeating pattern with the colorful silhouettes of these birds will be a wonderful decoration in the room. If you also love to surround yourself with these animals, owl wallpaper can successfully become a decoration of your living room. Our collection includes not only children's, but also more modern patterns with a bird motif. Black and white owls will be the perfect background for any arrangement. Both in an interior decorated in a minimalistic style and a full of splendor glamour style, owls on the wallpaper will complement the whole harmoniously.

Parrots, peacocks, toucans and hummingbirds – wallpapers with exotic birds

Interiors inspired by exoticism have a large group of admirers. A room full of vivid colours stimulates action and has a positive effect on us. If we want a modern and exotic interior design, it is worth considering a wall decoration with exotic birds. Colourful and elegant wallpapers with parrots, peacocks or toucans will create an original style. Each of these creatures brings symbolic features with which they associate them. Parrot wallpaper is a funny pattern that will be perfect for a child's room, teenager's room and in the living room. A fun, colourful theme will bring positive vibrations into the interior. Peacock wallpapers are elegant patterns inspired by the wonderful colours of peacock feathers. If we are looking for an eye-catching decoration, this pattern will surely meet our expectations. Pelican wallpapers are patterns, reserved not only for a teenager's room. Interior design with a decoration that causes a smile is perfect for a student apartment or an original office. Our collection includes wallpapers with toucans on which their amazing charm has been expressed. The colourful decorations straight from the jungle will surely appeal to lovers of arrangements inspired by tropical nature. Hummingbirds are another bird on bimago wallpapers - if you are impressed with their grace and exotic colours, you will not be neutral to these wall decorations. Bring amazing colours with wallpapers featuring colourful birds such as parrots, hummingbirds, toucans and peacocks. In this collection you will find stylish and fashionable decorations perfect for any interior.