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Horse Wall Mural

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Horses Wall Mural

Untamed, wild, fascinating… But also gentle, loyal and wise. In our culture, horses are the symbol of strength and freedom. Many believe they are man’s best friend. Horses have been inspiring the artists over the years and their image has been used in many works of art, such as paintings and sculptures. Our animal collection wouldn’t be complete without horse wall murals, featuring both high quality photos and original graphic images. Super-sized wall decorations perfectly capture what’s most beautiful about these creatures. Horse mural wallpaper will also bring your walls to life. You can either choose still and graceful mares to add a touch of elegance to the interior or opt for wild galloping mustangs which will give your room a dynamic feel. In our gallery you will find black and white wall decorations with this motif. If you or your child practice horse riding, a horse mural is a perfect way to personalise your room and show your passion. We’ve got something for the little unicorn and pegasus enthusiasts, too.

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Photos of Animals and 3D Horse Murals

Horse mural wallpaper is full of charm and natural beauty. There are many ways for using such wall decoration at home. Thanks to the variety of colours, murals featuring horses can blend with different styles. For instance, Scandinavian interiors that are based on minimalism and subdued colour palette, can be complemented by a white horse wall mural. To create a 3d effect, we can hang a black and white wallcovering which will add a sense of depth to the room. The opposite of the Scandinavian style is boho décor, which can be defined by expressive, warm colours, ethnic decorations and hand-made accessories. A beautiful horse mural hung in such interior, will emphasize the bond with nature and love for living things. Another example of nature-inspired style is rustic décor, which is dominated by earth shades. A black horse wall mural will work in harmony with dark colour scheme. Used in the office, the image of majestic horses will emphasise the elegant character of the interior.

How to Decorate the Interior with a Horse Wall Mural?

A horse mural is a very dramatic and eye-catching decoration. Thoughtfully used, it will transform your room. Here are a few tips to boost your interior décor with a horse wall mural:

  • Horses are majestic creatures that look perfect in large-format pictures. If we don't want them to overpower the room, let's opt for horse photo wallpaper in subdued colours.
  • A mural with running horses will create the illusion of space in a narrow interior, such as hallway.
  • Black and white horse murals can be paired to great effect with floor and furniture in muted colour palette.
  • Wall murals with black Frisian horses matched with other decorative elements in similar colour scheme will create a cohesive look.
  • A wall mural can create a 3d effect, if hung in a well-lighted room. Several spotlights on the sides will work better than one dominant source of light.
  • Keep in mind that at bimago you can find horse motif on either non-woven or self-adhesive wallpaper which is super easy to hang!

Horses on Wall Murals and Other Decorations in Our Animal Collection

A mural with galloping Frisian horses or a black and white horse silhouette is a decoration dedicated not only to lovers of these animals. Used in interior design, it will allow to express the bond with nature and add a pop of colour to your home. Due to its universal theme, a horse wall mural will fit both into the living room and the bedroom. It can also be a great addition to your office and child’s bedroom. We can assure you that a mural with horses will bring life into your interior and change its look in a quick and effortless way. In the bimago gallery you can also find wall murals with other representatives of the animal world. Whether pets or wild beasts, they are all beautiful and photogenic. Moreover, other bimago products, such as canvas prints, wall stickers or room dividers, also feature animal motifs. Thanks to the wide range of colours and styles, these decorations will fit into various types of interiors. Check out our collections and choose the perfect product for your home. We also recommend the bimago blog, where you can find hints and décor inspirations.