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Butterfly Wall Murals

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Butterfly Wall Murals – Home Décor Full of Magic

Lightness, grace and elegant, ethereal look – no wonder butterflies are considered one of the most beautiful creatures in the animal kingdom. Nature, which inspire us in every way imaginable, is one of the most popular motifs in the interior décor. The subtle charm and the explosion of colours have been combined to great effect on our butterflies wall murals. The 3d butterfly photo wallpaper is an impressive decoration, which adds a sense of depth and a pop of colour to the interior. Thanks to such modern design you will bring the essence of the nature and a hint of playfulness to your interior. We encourage you to explore this collection if you are fond of interiors in rustic, boho or classic style. A wallcovering featuring butterflies will help you to create a dream interior décor in your living room, bedroom or office. Due to its bright colours and positive impact, this pattern is also perfect for children’s room. Add a touch of freshness to your wall with butterfly motif!

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3D Butterflies on Wall Murals and Other Decorations

The butterfly wings pictured on a large-format photograph will make an impact and bring a splash of colour to your room. If we want this decoration to really stand out, we should partner it with furniture and additions in a subtle colour palette. Apart from its stunning look, a 3d wall mural with butterflies also creates the illusion of space. It looks so real, you’d think the butterflies will just fly out of the picture... Whether you prefer a minimalist or maximalist design, in the bimago gallery you will find both wall murals with a colourful swarm of butterflies and photographs showing a close-up of the butterfly’s wings. How about hanging such decoration on a ceiling instead of the wall? It’s a bold idea but it’s worth taking the risk. If you love butterflies, you don't have to limit yourself to a wall mural with this motif. Pillows, paintings or crockery showing the butterfly's stained-glass wings are another interesting decorative options. An original idea for DIY fans is to create colourful 3d butterfly origami. Your home décor is only limited by our own imagination!

How to Blend a Butterfly Mural into Your Interior Colour Scheme?

Butterfly wall murals are decorations which will dazzle us with their vivid colours. This collection is dedicated to people looking for bold interior design ideas. If you opt for butterfly mural wallpaper, you can follow either of the two approaches:

  1. In the complementary colour scheme we use colours situated opposite one another on the colour wheel. These are such combinations as green and red or blue and yellow. A scheme based on contrasting colours will certainly add interest to your interior in an effortless way. We can use such colours in small decorations as well as on furniture and larger surfaces. According to this scheme, a wall mural with violet butterflies can be teamed with green decorations and plants.

  2. On the other hand, a monochromatic colour scheme will appeal to those who are leaning towards subdued interior décor. It is based on different tones of one main colour. In this case we would hang a graphite wall mural in an interior in different shades of grey. On the other hand, a decoration featuring vintage style sepia butterflies will perfectly fit into the interiors within brown and beige colour palette.

Kids Wall Murals with Animal Motifs

A child's room should be a friendly, playful space. In order to create such environment, partner bright, pastel colours together with funny, fairy-tale motifs. A children's wall mural with animals is an inexpensive and practical decoration which doesn’t take any space away. The butterfly motif will bring colour and joy to the room. Looking for a wall decoration for the girl’s room? Try a wall mural with pastel-toned butterfly wings – they are so pretty! A little nature lover will be delighted with such decoration. If you need some colour combination ideas, you can see our inspiration above. A cute wall mural picturing dancing butterflies will add a cheerful touch to the nursery and awaken the baby’s imagination. Your children get only one childhood – make it special and create a warm, bright space where they can play safely!