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Alphabet posters

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ABC posters

Are you wondering how to decorate your room in an original way? Are you tired of typical pattern and are ready for something unconventional? ABC posters are all about creative prints and unusual techniques. In bimago’s offer, there are colourful and shining graphics with letters scattered all over the posters. Don't you know where to put them? Try to hang them in a hall or a bedroom. They will look especially good against white and naturally grey walls. When framed, ABC posters give the impression of genuine works of art. At first glance, the Alphabet II poster resembles a composition by a kid. But thanks to the serif font, this print will prove a hit in any interior you choose. Thanks to colourful graphics that depict birds and trees between letters, the poster maintained a slightly grotesque form. Try out this composition in rooms kept in Scandinavian style. Such prints will also go well against blue and green walls. Cinephiles will fall in love with a Star Wars alphabet, and it will look good in kid, teenager and adult rooms. In other words, in bedrooms of all Star Wars fans! Let the alphabet arrange the interiors of your house!

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Vintage alphabet poster

Looking for an original way of expressing yourself? A set of scattered letters will help you create a truly magical and charming atmosphere. The surreal form will fill your room with mystery. Letter posters like to be surrounded by modern, beige and grey accessories. If you feel like creating a combination on your own, then try to make use of our single letters. When hung in the correct order, you will be able to arrange any word you feel like. In case you are looking something for your significant other, have a look at our poster with the word Love in its centre. Letters seem to be in blossom just like flowers, which is a genuine love metaphor.

Letters poster

Now I know my ABC.... even better! Thanks to bimago’s collection, the alphabet will make itself at home for good! What is more, you will find it perfect for a kid’s bedroom. The alphabet’s colourful and happy form will make your children be on cloud nine. Round-shaped letters in many different patterns are perfect for both toddlers and school kids. A poster hung on the wall creates a blissful atmosphere and motivates children to play around. At the same time, it brings the educational value to the table as the little ones get familiar with the alphabet already at home. And what is most important, the letters poster can easily be replaced with a new one as the child grows. You can hang the poster on a wall or frame it. Either way, it will look fantastic!