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Paint by numbers monkey






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Although they might not be the most beautiful animals, and they are not counted among the domestic pets, you cannot deny chimpanzees their charm. As they are our close ancestors, they are incredibly adorable and fantastic animals, and thanks to painting kits from bimago, you can capture their charm with a spectacular canvas painting made by you! Painting kits with monkeys make the painting easy and allow everyone to devote themselves to their passion connected to art.

Paint by numbers monkey with headphones

They may seem funny, but monkeys are the closest relatives to humans among the animal kingdom. With a monkey paint by numbers from bimago's collection you can have the best of both worlds – a mindful, yet easy-going image of a monkey and at the same you will give the space a unique, positive breath of fresh energy! Painting by numbers monkey gives you more than just a painted canvas. It gives you hours on end of priceless relaxation. Regardless if it's a tough day at work or a quarrel at home, when you sit in front of the canvas you can forget about all of that! Just pick the right size of brush and the right colour and you can start your adventure with art!

It's really easy. The canvas comes ready to use, pulled over an eco-friendly wooden frame. It has outlines with numbered spaces. The numbers correspond to the numbers of colours. All you need to do is add time. And magically, you add time and you get time! You get the priceless time of relaxation and peace in front of your canvas. Bit by bit, you will see your image come to life and finally, when it is complete, you will surely be surprised with the satisfaction you will feel when looking at it. Our designers sure do have an open mind. The choice of paint by numbers monkey only proves that. Ranging from colourful, abstract portraits to detailed, realistic paintings, our collection is the one where you will easily find the right painting to bedeck your wall! Households are only one example of a great environment for an image of a monkey. Such decor is perfect for commercial spaces as well. Restaurants, bars, pubs are only a few examples. A paint by numbers monkey with headphones can change virtually any interior giving it a unique, stylish feel. Especially if you are the one who created it!