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Birds paint by numbers




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Hummingbird paint by number

Birds are among the most beloved animals out there. A painting by numbers birds kit from bimago's collection will let you introduce a songbird to every personal space in your household. Not only households will benefit from an image of a beautiful bird. Bedeck your commercial space with a painting of a bird and see the interior change it's character in the blink of an eye! For these commercial spaces another great idea will be birds paint by numbers depicting birds of prey. A falcon or hawk on the wall will transform a dull office to a productive, success-bound workplace and give the interior that much needed edge! The most mesmerising birds are hummingbirds. Pick a hummingbird paint by number from our collection and you can enjoy creating that one of a kind image of a tiny bird humming as if it were suspended in air! The canvas is ready to use, with outlines and numbered spaces. The numbers of colours of paint correspond to the numbers of spaces. Even the sizes of brushes are hand picked for your painting, depending on the complexity of the image.

They are truly a unique piece of wall decor. With a simple image of a bird you can introduce a new atmosphere to the room, giving it a stylish, out of the ordinary touch. And with our paint by numbers hummingbird series you get more than just a painting. You get hours of relaxation while creating it and priceless satisfaction when you take a glimpse at it when it's done. Any interior will benefit from a lovely bird painting. Especially if it will be your painting! Start small, with a humble sparrow or swallow speeding through the sky and when you get the hold of it, waste no time and go bigger! With an image of a colourful parrot or an amazing peacock, you can really spread your wings and at the same time provide yourself with hours of priceless relaxation.