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Paper Wallpapers- Stylish Decorations


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Vintage paper wallpaper

Paper is almost as old as humanity itself. People did start their inscriptions on cave walls but that was only the tip of the iceberg. When paper came about, human creativity simply exploded. First there was papyrus. But not much of it survived till modern times. But you can relate to the good old days by choosing a parchment paper wallpaper or an old paper texture wallpaper from bimago's collection. A kraft paper wallpaper from our website will be just as stylish as parchment. An old paper wallpaper always gives a personal space that timeless, maybe even a bit mystic feel. An ages old roll of old paper found in a very old building always brings up a lot of questions. How old is it? Who did it belong to? And finally, the most important – who is the author of the content written on it? Those questions aside, one can only imagine what effect will a vintage paper wallpaper have on the viewer. An old paper wallpaper always gives a personal space that timeless, maybe even a bit mystic feel.

Paper texture wallpaper

Practically omnipresent, paper is a must for our societies to function as they do today. Light, yet durable enough to write and print on, paper can attain character with a simple squeeze of a palm or a tear of a corner. This was our designers' inspiration when creating the paper texture wallpaper series. Crunched, wrinkled, torn wallpaper paper texture is the perfect balance between innovation and balance. Needless to say, a library cannot go without a backdrop such as a note paper wallpaper chosen from our website. For the eco-aware customer, we have the grass paper wallpaper and the rice paper wallpaper. Every environment friendly interior will benefit from our choice of paper wallpapers, when joined with wicker furniture and the like they will create a modern yet down to earth, tasteful living space.