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Wall stickers in living room

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Wall mural Tree

Sticker "Tree"

From: £6.64
Wall mural Heart

Sticker "Heart"

From: £9.96
Wall mural Cat

Sticker "Cat"

From: £9.96
Wall sticker Cat

Sticker "Cat"

From: £7.80
Wall mural City

Sticker "City"

From: £17.85
Wall sticker Mouse

Sticker "Mouse"

From: £8.13
Wall sticker Cars

Sticker "Cars"

From: £8.72
Wall mural Tree

Sticker "Tree"

From: £10.29
Wall mural Dance

Sticker "Dance"

From: £7.47
Wall mural Joy

Sticker "Joy"

From: £16.60
Wall sticker Tree

Sticker "Tree"

From: £8.63
Wall sticker Panda

Sticker "Panda"

From: £7.64
Wall sticker Meadow

Sticker "Meadow"

From: £11.79
Wall sticker Woman

Sticker "Woman"

From: £18.26
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Living room wall art stickers

Colorful wall stickers for living room are awesome - inexpensive, quick to install and spectacular thanks to the effect they make on the design as a whole. It is an irreplaceable solution when you want to make a great impression at a low cost or you do not have much space to set up any complicated composition made of furniture and accessories. Those motives and solutions always look great and will give an amazing effect in every apartment!

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Wall decals for living room

Whenever you wish to apply some non standard decor features in your interior, think of a one consistent pattern of your living room wall art stickers. Here are some ideas of wall decals for living room that might inspire you:

  • Flowers that never fade Your apartment can turn evergreen thanks to stickers with floral motifs. You can create unique optical illusions of vegetation "growing" from the folds of the wall, above the bed or around the window frame. Such a fresh interior will definitely make an impact on one’s feeling!
  • Dots on the wall Dots in various colours are becoming very popular these days. You may apply them as a cloud of features, making a picturesque disorder on your wall or you may enhance some geometric shapes with it.
  • An unusual gallery A gallery of framed artworks without nails in a wall or matching of each picture individually? Of course! Choose the style you are fond of and buy a set of stickers in the shape of ideally composed images.

3d wall sticker for living room

3d wall sticker for living room is designed to give an original and diverse character to the walls in every room of your home or office. This kind of stickers makes a great visual effects thanks to which you can create incredible wall decorations. For example, you can create an effect of depth by applying a 3D sticker showing a landscape that you can see through the wall in living room. Such features are not just any decoration, they will definitely attract attention.

Lounge wall stickers

If you have grown tired of having always the same look of the same walls, make change with wall stickers for living room. Perfect for decorating walls, doors, windows and any other surface. There are various kinds of them and we are sure you will find something that is just for you and for your space.

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