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Room Dividers For Special Tasks

Working remotely? Your significant other is on home office and you have to fit into the same room while working? Or maybe, you have additional company for children and pets?

2020 turned our lifestyle upside down. For many of us, the house has become a workplace, and the space in it has suddenly started to fulfill completely new functions. A desk in the bedroom? A place to study in the living room? These ideas surprise nobody these days. However, if you it is order and peace that you lack at home, we have a solution!

One Room Divider - Many Purposes! See How It Can Make Your Life Easier


A Background For A Videoconference That You Will Be Proud To Have

Forget about laundry drying on a stand and children running around the room - a smart room divider will provide a professional background for business chats and video chats.


It's time for a work from home, how to avoid a disaster

Do you live in a studio apartment and you both work from home? Now the functional division of space is an absolute priority, and a room divider can save your life - private and professional!


"Please do not disturb, mom's at work!"

How is it possible that parents work when they are at home? Negotiations with children are not easy - let the room divider become your contractual sign that mom or dad must now focus on work.


Your notes always with you - genius reigns over chaos

Do you like to have everything at hand but you can't pull yourself together while working remotely? Use the room divider as an additional wall to stick notes and organize ideas!

The Most Popular Room Dividers See What Themes Are Most Popular

Which Room Divider You Should Choose? We advise!

When You Need A Decoration On Both Sides

- decorative print on both sides of the divider
- ideal for use in the middle of a room - e.g. to separate a work area in the living room
- smooth finish on both sides

Which Room Divider You Should Choose?

When a print on one side is just what you need

- decorative print on one side of the room divider
- perfect for separating part of the room from the rest - keeps your privacy intact
- the most affordable

Which Room Divider You Should Choose?

If you are a card fanatic

- decorative print on one side of the room divider
- thanks to the cork board function, a room divider can be used for sticking notes or photos
- ideal for home office or study area

Which Room Divider You Should Choose?

A Pinch Of The Orient

- light-transmitting fleece print
- a unique visual effect thanks to the use of a visible wooden frame
- brings an element of oriental style into the interior

Why Is It So Functional

Wide Range
Of Patterns




Multifunctional spaces a new trend in interior decoration

Recent events have made us face the need to make some arrangements at home. Almost every room today has more than one role. The living room is often a playroom and a cinema room at the same time, the bedroom is an office, and the dining room table is not only used for dining, but has become a place for work and study.

Multifunctional interiors are a considerable arrangement challenge for many of us - creative and clever solutions are definitely needed here. Creating appropriate zones in the room using portable room dividers, rugs or shelves has become a standard.

Bimago room dividers fit perfectly into both new interior design trends and meet the new needs of those who live, work and relax in these interiors. Not only are they great for separating indoor zones - they are also quite light and mobile. A room divider can be folded at any time (when we need a larger, open space) - and set up again, when it turns out to be necessary. It is a great idea for an optical and functional room division that does not require large financial outlays and does not involve renovation. What's more - apart from the undeniable functional advantages - the screens are also an amazing decorative accent and, depending on the type and pattern, they can bring an element of loft feeling, Scandinavian style or a hint of oriental aesthetics to the interior.