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Black and white polka dot wallpaper

Any interior will benefit with bimago's polka dot wallpapers. Anywhere you place it, the feeling is always the same. Energy, simplicity, style. When you decide to go for large dots in the living quarters they will bring a positive vibe and make the room feel bigger. On the other hand, smaller, evenly arranged dots will give the room an organised atmosphere at the same time giving it a breath of fresh, trendy design. You can always start small and work your way up when it comes to dot sizes and their arrangement. Transform a dull interior into a thriving household by choosing a different one for each room! A bit abstract, creatively sketched wallpaper dots will be an awesome idea when it comes to kids play rooms. It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl, or both, a dotted wallpaper will be appreciated by every kiddo out there. Thanks to their versatile nature, a black and white dot wallpaper will match virtually interior, regardless if it is vintage by nature, modern or Scandinavian style.

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Pink dot wallpaper

A pink dot wallpaper from bimago's collection will beautifully embellish hair salons, beauty salons and similar commercial spaces, making your customers feel right at home. A toned, pastel polka dot wallpaper will be best here. Vivid, colourful dotted themes can also transform offices, bars and countless other work spaces making your days at work happier and more productive. A straightforward, vibrant pattern bedecking your walls always takes the edge off even during the most mundane of Mondays. Blue dots, green dots, gold dots, pink dots- at our website we've got them all! You can between two kind of wallpapers – self-adhesive wallpapers and wallpapers manufactured with interlining technology which conceal minor wall imperfections and provide additional thermal insulation. Both super easy to use, both will bring awe to anyone who sees it for the first time!