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Wallpaper Diamond Softness

Quilted look wallpaper

Cosy is the key word here. Our experienced designers know how to make you feel at home. With the quilted wallpaper collection, we bring you the highest quality wall decor more than perfect for your bedroom. In furniture, the quilted structure has been around for ages. Once upon a time it could only be appreciated by monarchs and nobility only to become a popular commodity nowadays. You could even say that it brings a Victorian touch to a personal space. When you choose the diamond quilted look wallpaper the resemblance is stunning. Virtually every bedroom will gain a distinguished, elegant look and make you feel like the royal couple each time you go to bed. The dominant colours used are bright but not flashy. A white quilted wallpaper or a pink quilted wallpaper are the best choice when you want to transform your living quarters into a palace chamber. But make no mistake, a quilted effect wallpaper can also give an unconventional touch when you choose to use the black quilted wallpaper. It will look awesome not only behind the living room sofa but also in all sorts of restaurants, bars and night clubs. When it comes to quilted leather wallpapers your imagination is the only limit. Cosy yet kinky at times, calm yet glamorous, bimago's quilted wallpapers will always give your interior an original, timeless look. You can choose from two kinds of material with which our wallpapers are made – super easy to use self-adhesive wallpapers and ones manufactured with the use of interlining technology which conceals minor wall imperfections and provides additional thermal insulation. Our website also offers all the tools that you will need to quickly, easily and smoothly install the wallpapers from our collection. And before you know it, you will be enjoying that one-of-a-kind, luxurious look.