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Paris Wall Murals - Perfect For Your Kitchen, Sitting Room and Bedroom




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Paris Cafe wall murals

Vive La France! With all of France's historical sites, Paris is undoubtedly the most famous. The capital of Europe's art, gastronomy and fashion, Paris has always been and will be a staple in every Europe tour guide. Bimago's Paris wall murals will give you that unique, boulevard feel right in your living room or bedroom. And along those boulevards - those cafes, croissants and delicious coffee... Regardless if the aforementioned are your priceless memories or just dreams of an upcoming holiday, our Paris cafe wall murals present you with a gorgeous image of that one-of-a-kind metropolis. Some things were built to last. Some were not. And surprisingly the symbol of Paris, that lengthened triangle, the famous Eiffel Tower was built to last for 20 years and be dismantled. But life wrote a different story. Towering over 300 meters above the Paris cafes and weighing a staggering weight of over 10 000 tonnes the Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous architecture structures in the world. And Paris is an exceptional city due to the fact that it has hardly any tall buildings and that makes the Eiffel Tower look even taller than it really is. Architecture design has surely changed since 1889 when the Tower was built. Modern flats aren't as tall and spacious. And here's where the magic starts. Choose a huge Eiffel Tower wall mural from bimago's collection, pick the right wall in your home and see the room grow in your eyes when you look at it with that breath-taking image of Paris in front of you. Best if you take a picture before and after! The Tower aside, you can't forget about the details of The City of Lights. Our beautiful murals provide you with a wide variety of images that follow the current trends of interior design. The black and white Paris murals are most popular, as virtually any personal space will benefit from such a universal wall decor.