Loyalty program bimago+ allows you to buy more for less!

What can you get at bimago+ ?

  • points, converted into discounts
  • free delivery when using the discount code
  • regular access to exclusive discounts, available only for program members
  • weekly dose of inspiring news and details about new products

Why have I joined bimago+ ?

Loyalty program bimago+ is an additional benefit for all of our bimago newsletter subscribers.

On your bimago + account you have 0 points

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How to get points at bimago+ ?

  • you are subscribing to the newsletter (we will credit you with 5 free points straight away, just for the subscription)
  • when shopping at bimago (each purchase below 20.75£ gives you 5 points and above 20.75£ - 10 points)
  • if you participate in our seasonal "wild card" actions, you can get additional points for additional activities online.

How to use your points at bimago+ ?

  • At any given time your can use your personalized discount code to get a discount and free delivery
  • Each points gives you 0.83£ off

Where can you find your points ?

  • Info on your current points can be found at the bottom of every bimago newsletter and for registered users on your account

More info

More info about bimago+ can be found in Terms of use