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Welcome to our online gallery Bimago!

You'll find here lots of interesting ideas for original and unique decoration of the walls of your home or apartment. Our range includes hand painted paintings, high-quality prints on canvas and plexiglass, as well as decorative wall stickers.

Decorative painting: hand painted pictures and prints on canvas

Patterns presented in our gallery can be ordered as hand painted acrylic paintings or high-quality digital prints (on canvas or plexiglass). Each picture is made on an individual order, so the choice of technique is always left to the customer. Hand painted floral images, prints on canvas of African landscapes, ultra modern photos on canvas or plexiglass ... The gallery has something for everyone!

Modern paintings on canvas or plexiglass - the richness of colours and motifs

Variety of motifs gives you the opportunity to find painting that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Our products will emphasize the beauty of your interiors and will fit both traditional and modern rooms. We divided our offer into interesting categories, for example:

- abstract paintings (modern abstract motifs, modern art);
- flower paintings (poppies, tulips, roses, magnolias, callas);
- landscapes (African motifs, architecture, mountains, seascapes, trees, valleys);
- paintings for children (paintings of clowns, animals etc.);
- paintings of people (figures, art nudes, portraits);
- reproductions of paintings by famous artists (Van Gogh, Klimt, Monet, Renoir).

In our gallery you will also find beautiful pictures on canvas depicting, among others popular cities pictures of New York, Paris, Venice ...) and the beauty of nature as well as interesting collection of digital images, 3D images and pop art pictures)

Paintings and wall stickers Bimago: the perfect gift idea and decoration of a bedroom, living room, kitchen ...

Modern pictures and wall stickers Bimago are an original idea for a gift for a loved one and unique decoration of any home or apartment. Are you not sure what picture might fit into your interior design? Visit the gallery Bimago and discover thousands of ideas for the decoration of a bedroom, living room, kitchen, children's rooms, and even the bathroom or the hall!
Wall stickers, wall tattoos, decorative stickers...
Decorative wall stickers are one of the latest trends in modern interior decoration. Charming and funny stickers for children's rooms, elegant ornaments and floral motifs to the living room and inspirational stickers - quotes to the bedroom or the hall: meet our unique collection of tattoos and find the wall sticker for you!
Welcome to the world of modern art and wall decor - we wish you a pleasant shopping in the gallery Bimago.
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