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Although Provencal decorations are mostly associated with the field of lavender stretching t the horizon, currently, this motif lost its popularity on behalf of more original and diversified patterns. You can see for yourself by going through the bimago Provencal wallpapers! Wallpapers in the Provencal style include compositions with roses, peonies and other flowers that will help you introduce a bit of fresh air to your rooms and make them more harmonious! Provencal wallpapers are perfect for a kitchen, living room or office. It will also look marvellous in vintage arrangements.

Provence Wallpapers

Many people connote wallpapers in Provencal style with pastel, light colours and the motif of lavender. It's indeed one of the most popular schemes. Provencal wallpaper, however, can also look slightly different. What links such products are undoubtedly warm, light colours and floral motifs or other interesting ornaments. Often, French Provencal wallpaper features peonies or roses. Next to lavender, these are the most popular motifs. Provencal wallpapers available in bimago bring to mind a unique, idyllic atmosphere that connotes openness, hospitality and warmth. These decorations ideally depict the vibe of sunny Provence. Wallpapers in Provencal style brings a breath of fresh air to a room and makes it more original.

French Provencal Wallpaper

What kinds of interiors work well with Provencal wallpapers? Of course, it is an ideal decoration for rooms with a natural, idyllic atmosphere. It's not a rule, however, and you can use it differently. Provencal wallpaper for living rooms, for instance, look good with furniture and accessories in a Scandinavian style. Undoubtedly, perfectly matched Provence wallpapers are a kind of balance for a neutral vibe, which for some people might seem dull and not cosy enough. This type of decoration looks nice with vintage furniture, too. Provencal wallpaper in the kitchen or any other room, even when hung on a small part of a wall, makes the interior more charming. It's worth considering such a solution. If you are interested in Provencal wallpapers for a bedroom, or you are looking for such decoration for other rooms, you've come to the right place. Check our offer and choose something suitable.