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Metal texture wallpaper

Metal does not have to be associated with Heavy Metal. Without metal over half of the world's buildings would not exist. Combined with concrete it is the crucial element of building foundations. The walls as well could not be constructed without metal. And finally- the roofs. Everybody knows that a roof cannot function without its metal beams. Now we are talking about the civilised world. Nevertheless, the regions of our planet where poverty reigns use sheet metal and various rusty metal scraps to build a roof over their heads. So, if you are one of the people who are aware of the problems that trouble our planet, or if you just want an original, trendy metal effect wallpaper bimago is the place to go. Make no mistake-when you bedeck your interior with a metal wallpaper everyone will notice. Our designers’ advice is not to overdo it with the metal texture wallpaper. Since large warehouses are often constructed with metal, we recommend that only one of the walls in a room gets that metal look wallpaper whereas the other walls receive for example a concrete wallpaper or a brick wall decor.

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Metal wallpaper for walls

A rusty metal wallpaper is something that some interiors simply need. To give it that pinch of original, our of the box design. Analogous to real metal, a metal wallpaper for walls is not consistent in its colour. It resembles the original, often a bit rusty, structure. Moreover, on our website you can find a brushed metal wallpaper, a corrugated metal wallpaper, a twisted metal wallpaper, a blue metal wallpaper and even a diamond plate metal wallpaper or a gold metal wallpaper. All of the aforementioned designs can create a mesmerizing mosaic wherever you put them. We didn't rest there. The 3D metal wallpaper from out collection is an absolute mind blower, with one of those you can almost feel that surface with your hand. You can choose from two kinds of material with which our wallpapers are made: super easy to use self-adhesive wallpapers and ones manufactured with the use of interlining technology which conceals minor wall imperfections and provides additional thermal insulation.