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Bedroom wall stickers

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Wall sticker Tree

Sticker "Tree"

From: £8.72
Wall sticker Zebra

Sticker "Zebra"

From: £8.30
Wall sticker Meadow

Sticker "Meadow"

From: £12.49
Wall sticker Zebra

Sticker "Zebra"

From: £11.29
Wall mural Star

Sticker "Star"

From: £6.64
Wall sticker Paint

Sticker "Paint"

From: £10.21
Wall mural Tree

Sticker "Tree"

From: £11.12
Wall mural Angel

Sticker "Angel"

From: £7.30
Wall mural Dance

Sticker "Dance"

From: £10.46
Wall mural Angels

Sticker "Angels"

From: £18.92
Wall sticker Tree

Sticker "Tree"

From: £7.47
Wall mural Meadow

Sticker "Meadow"

From: £12.95
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Bedroom wall art stickers

Tired of looking at the same walls in your bedroom? Getting bored with the colour of the walls or furniture? Give them a special character by using our bedroom decals. We’ve got a few ideas for decorating not only the walls, doors and windows of your apartment, but any other place in your interior. By using wall stickers for the bedroom you will be able to change this room in a very simple and affordable way!

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Wall transfers for bedrooms

Stickers are an easy way for a makeover of a dull space, change the arrangement of your four walls and highlight the function of rooms or things or decorate details. Bedroom stickers can change any interior of that kind and more. These smart decor features can give the interior a brand new character and they incredibly handy and agile. A wall decal is easy to stick to a wall or other flat surface and doesn’t leave any glue film on the wall. Thanks to that you can complete your decor idea with a subtle and easy to replace way that you are going to love.

Wall sticker quotes for bedrooms

,,Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are true and kind, they can change our world'' - we couldn’t agree more with this particular Buddha’s frase. This is why we have decided to propose sticker quotes that being present in your everyday life, will have the blissful effect on you, just like our wiseman said. You can pick a caption that underlines your personality, your habits or values you believe in. You can do it in the way that the colour of your sticked quote will match the wall. It makes the range of decor options that you may go for much wider.

Bedroom stickers

How should a bedroom sticker look like? If you the wall behind your bedroom is in a nice colour and it goes well with the colour of your bed you can use a sticker as an ornament in the same colour but a different tone, making a monochromatic masterpiece. Or let’s assume there is an empty looking corner in your bedroom. Put a tree or ivy sticker on a wall. It won’t look like dead vacuum anymore and you won’t lose that spaciousness you like. It is a great decoration for anyone looking for simple solutions to transform their interior. You may also find your favorite quote in your favorite foreign language. A wall sticker with a quote is an interesting proposition for language lovers and an unusual decoration for bedrooms. When it comes to childern's bedroom, wall stickers go forward as simply the bet possible solution. It is becuase you can replace them much easier than any other decor feature of that kind and you can be sure, that your growing kids won't let you forget about the importance of this. So, if your kid's yesterday fascination of animals is replaced with planets and technology today, it will probably take you 2 hours in total to spread the fun motif across her or his room with cool stickers on walls, desk and furniture.
Awesome wall stickers can also be a great gift idea for your loved one. Unconventional bedroom wall stickers can be a lot of fun for a person you give them to. Try our bedroom stickers above the bed as a unique bedroom wall decoration. Make the interior of your home take on a new character and you will enjoy the interior that can be refreshed easily and quickly!

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