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The iconic elements of Roman architecture and art are commonly presented on the silver screen, so why not put them on the walls in your house? The Eternal City, a hybrid of a theatre stage and grand, bustling metropolis abounds with marvellous spots, like the Trevi Fountain, Saint Peter's Basilica, and Colosseum! Invite the romantic city to your interiors with the bimago collection of wall murals with the motif of Rome. Choose a suitable pattern of a Rome wall mural and create a moody arrangement. Rome wall mural will work best in a living room, bedroom or office!

Roman wall murals

The Eternal City. The destination of approximately 10 million tourists each year (this number doubles on holy years). It is an absolute staple in every tour guide of Europe. With its world-famous architecture, Rome was, is and will be a magnet that attracts anyone with a sense of artistic taste. The spacious Saint Peter's Square, the monumental Pantheon where the Roman Gods used to reside and that theatre of life and death – the Colosseum. These are just a few of the gems that you will find in Italy's capital. We associate Rome with beautiful weather, delicious Italian cuisine, great music and timeless motion pictures. Nevertheless, there is much more to it than that. Now, thanks to bimago’s collection, the most iconic buildings of the Eternal City will become integral parts of your home! You do not have to be a stone mason to keep a stone from that Colosseum by your bed or the dining table. Here on our website, you will find over 2000 wall decor designs. Each wall mural is inspired by a different view. You will find inspiring panorama views perfect for your living room wall. The wall decor you will find on our website will beautifully brighten your living area. With our Rome collection, you will get a chance to pause your busy life for a second and admire the beauty of the ancient architecture instead. Sit back, relax and enjoy that sunny weather even during dull autumn evenings. For those, who have visited the awe-inspiring city they will bring back priceless memories and for those for whom a holiday trip to Rome is still in the plans it will be a great inspiration and motivation to get on a plane one day and make that dream come true. Our wall murals are made with interlining technology which makes them super easy to hang and they conceal small imperfections on the walls.