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Photo wallpapers - inspiring photos on your walls

Fascinating colours and unique motifs is what our bimago photo wallpapers are distinguished by. At bimago shop you'll find the best pictures to decorate your walls with. We have propositions for all kind of tastes - from modern art lovers to classic art lovers! In over 2500 motifs of our photo wallpapers collection printed in the highest quality you can find all you want- starting from colourful flowers to fascinating cities views. But, that’s not all, in our photo wallpapers collection, created by our designers you can find original creations, which you won't be able to find anywhere else. Our Bimago collection also includes motifs, which present natural materials like stone walls, concrete, trees and forests. These wall murals have a certain decorative character and they will surely complete a modern interior design. The additional advantage of photo wallpapers is that they visually enlarge the room. Are you a person who is searching for something so unique, that nobody else has it but you? If the answer is “yes”, then you should take a closer look at our 3D photo murals collection. These abstract wallpapers are recommended for those, who would like to change and renew their interiors. You can find them in Abstraction category. Our beautiful wallpapers are both cheap and created to follow the latest interior trends!

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Photo wall murals – a great decoration idea for every room

Is it possible to beautify every room with a photo wallpaper? Absolutely! Thanks to our high quality non-woven photo wallpapers your walls will look great and the wall decoration will hide every surface roughness. If you are looking for an interesting wall decoration to your kitchen, we recommend a colourful photo wallpaper with culinary motif. A feature wallpaper with fruits, aromatic coffee or delicious looking meal will bring a new quality to your kitchen interior. Wall art with subtle motifs and soft hues are perfect for the bedroom – they will help you create a peaceful and quiet place, perfect to relax. Our photo wallpapers with geometrical patterns or panoramic views of Manhattan will look great in your sitting room. Or maybe you are looking for ideal wallpapers to your kids' room? Discover our photo wallpaper kids collection with unique patterns - fairytale characters, cute animals and bright colours. In addition, you can find photo wall murals for older kids and teenagers, cool motifs like graffiti and street art. We wish you a joyful and inspiring visit in our bimago online shop!

Customize your photo wallpaper to the size of your wall!

Photo wall murals in high definition are perfect to cover big spaces and walls. Whether your choice is a landscape, panoramic city view or flower - discover the latest trends at reasonable prices. Our cheap photo wallpapers can be individually created to fit your walls. The measurements of your favourite product can be adjusted. Our photo wallpapers are available in many sizes. The smallest photo wall mural can be ordered in the size 150x105 cm and used as a picture, which catches the eye when you enter the room. You can also order a photo mural that covers the whole wall. This kind of amazing decoration will make your room look more stylish and modern. In bigger spaces wall art in bigger size f.e. with colourful abstract motif or with classic landscape will be the best choice. Maybe you prefer New York, Paris or majestic Alp views? We ensure you, that at bimago you'll find cheap wallpapers in all different sizes!

The unique non-woven photo wallpapers features

Non-woven photo wallpapers offer enormous possibilities of configuration and are easy to install. One of the biggest advantages of photo wallpaper is its installation– you just have to apply glue on the wall and then attach the wallpaper! Before the glue definitely dries you have time to easily correct any mistakes. Non woven photo wallpapers are dirt resistant and this reason makes them ideal for kitchens and halls. We recommend non-woven photo wall murals for rugged walls, because they mask roughness and smaller imperfections very effectively. Non-woven materials are a great sound and thermal isolation. They are perfect for bigger and broader walls. If you're looking for a modern and unique decoration for your walls, non-woven photo wallpapers should be your number one choice!

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Wall Murals - Beautiful Photo Wallpapers for Your Home!

304 products found in category

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Modern painting Pearl Necklace

Wall Mural "Pearl Necklace"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Ivy

Wall Mural "Ivy"

From: £121.77 £85.23
Wall Mural Columnar Stage

Wall Mural "Columnar Stage"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Unicorns Run

Wall Mural "Unicorns Run"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Buckles (Beige)

Wall Mural "Buckles (Beige)"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Sea Breeze

Wall Mural "Sea Breeze"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Parisian Lilies

Wall Mural "Parisian Lilies"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Relief

Wall Mural "Relief"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Pebbles

Wall Mural "Pebbles"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall painting Lily Bunch

Wall Mural "Lily Bunch"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Old World Map

Wall Mural "Old World Map"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Decorative image Homeliness

Wall Mural "Homeliness"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Autumnal Love

Wall Mural "Autumnal Love"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Cracked Stone

Wall Mural "Cracked Stone"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Zen: Balance

Wall Mural "Zen: Balance"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Map on Boards

Wall Mural "Map on Boards"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Flower Chamber

Wall Mural "Flower Chamber"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Stone Castle

Wall Mural "Stone Castle"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Stony Delight

Wall Mural "Stony Delight"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Seaside Calm

Wall Mural "Seaside Calm"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Evening tide

Wall Mural "Evening tide"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Diamond route

Wall Mural "Diamond route"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Fireflies

Wall Mural "Fireflies"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Desert storm

Wall Mural "Desert storm"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Skeleton man

Wall Mural "Skeleton man"

From: £39.14 £27.40
Wall Mural Disharmony

Wall Mural "Disharmony"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Stony Song

Wall Mural "Stony Song"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Autumn magic

Wall Mural "Autumn magic"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Rome: panorama

Wall Mural "Rome: panorama"

From: £50.45 £35.31
Wall Mural Diamond leaves

Wall Mural "Diamond leaves"

From: £45.66 £31.96
Wall Mural Romantic duet

Wall Mural "Romantic duet"

From: £45.66 £31.96
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