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Room Divider Screen Peacock Love [Room Dividers]

Pattern no.:98223
Designed by:Dazbog

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Decorative room dividers

Decorative room dividers Decorative room dividers

It can be used to:

  • 1

    Guarantee privacy

    - in small apartments and studios
  • 2

    Visually divide

    - big loft living spaces
  • 3

    Create smaller spaces

    - bedrooms or dressing rooms
  • 4

    Furnish beauty salons or boutiques

    - it’s a splendid decoration and practical changing room in one


Specifications Specifications
  • Solid metal hinges:
    allow to fold and unfold room dividers smoothly
  • Solid frame:
    made of solid, pine wood
  • Practical legs:
    perfect protection against mechanical damage
  • Satin ribbon:
    elegant finish and reinforcement of the sides of the room divider
  • Non-woven canvas:
    soft to the touch and without visible staples!

A space of your own!

A space of your own!

No matter if you live in a small studio or an impressive loft: for sure you would like to make some small changes in your home space from time to time. Perhaps you have considered dividing children’s room into independent zones for both of the siblings, covering a radiator that doesn’t fit in well with the design or maybe creating a private little dressing room in your bedroom...? All this – and much more! – is possible to achieve with a light, mobile room divider. Depending on the current needs, you can use it to separate your home office from a living room or to hide a drying stand full of clothes when the unexpected guests come. As the room divider is printed on both sides, it is not only an extremely practical, but also a very decorative accessory! Available in two sizes (suitable for different living areas) and many original patterns, it will allow you to transform your home space in a non-invasive way.

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Shipping time
Room Dividers
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Room Separator "Peacock Love [Room Dividers]"

Room separator "Peacock Love [Room Dividers]" is a amazing decoration for modern flat. room divider screen "Peacock Love [Room Dividers]" made from wood and printed on both sides will lookperfectly in sitting room, bedroom or office. Room separator "Peacock Love [Room Dividers]" will not only help you to manage space, but it can also be a incredible interior decoration.

Room separator "Peacock Love [Room Dividers]" can be made from 3 to 5 elements, which are connected with metal hinges. Every room divider part’s dimensions are 45x172 cm and are printed on both sides. Thanks to that room divider screen "Peacock Love [Room Dividers]" is very adjustable and it’s also a stylish decoration, which will look ideally not only in your beauty salon, but also in restaurant. Dividing waiting room from office, kichenette from sitting room, creating wardrobe in your bedroom – there are so many inspirations of how to use a room divider! in your interiors!

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