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Repro Print "Mirror Image in Shop Window"

Are you dreaming of a stylish wall decoration? If your answer is "yes", then reproduction painting "Mirror Image in Shop Window" is just made for you! August Macke created this unusual piece of art, which amuses with fresh approach to this thematics. Therefore canvas painting "Mirror Image in Shop Window" is considered nowadays (by art experts as one of the most important this artists’ paintings. "Mirror Image in Shop Window" reproduction painting from bimago gallery was made by using print made by newest HD technology. Therefore, reproduction"Mirror Image in Shop Window" imitates the original painting.

Art reproduction "Mirror Image in Shop Window" will be surely a unique decoration to your bedroom. We are sure, that reproduction painting "Mirror Image in Shop Window" can be additionally an interesting anniversary gift or wedding gift. It’s worth to add personal dedication, which will be placed in the back of reproduction painting. Art reproduction "Mirror Image in Shop Window" in Reproductions categoryis one from over 4000 art masterpieces available on bimago gallery – such a rich offer guaratees, that you will find on our shop favourite canvas painting for sure!

Reproduction Painting Mirror Image in Shop Window

Pattern no.:54946
Designed by:August Macke
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Stretcher Bars

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Hooks i
Metal hooks - make it easier to accurately mount a painting on the wall (We suggest to order 5 pcs.)
£0.82 pcs.
Nails i
Durable nails are an essential element in painting installation. (We suggest to order 5 pcs.)
£1.65 pcs.
UV print
UV print i
UV technology protects the painting from harmful activity of sunlight and moisture, makes colours are more durable and clearer.
Express service
Express service i
Is a service that shortens the delivery time. Your order will be processed on a priority basis.
dystans i
dystans (We suggest to order 5 pcs.)
£9.93 pcs.
Varnish i
Varnish protects handmande paintings - great presentation for many years!
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Available Techniques

Premium Canvas Print

Premium Canvas Print

Premium Canvas Print is an original technique developed especially for bimago customers. The highest resolution print is covered with colourless structural varnish that gives the canvas a unique texture and gloss characteristic for oil paintings. The additional advantage is that colour is enhanced and the pigment becomes more resistant to moisture and UV radiation. The varnish is applied manually by skilled painters who faithfully reproduce traces of the brush or spatula on the canvas. To make the painting's texture look as naturally as possible, we use high quality Spanish acrylic gel which is durable and absolutely safe. You can tell the difference!
Canvas print

Canvas print

When you order a canvas print, what you get is not only the popular wall decoration. The product that you receive can be immediately hung on your wall: the edges of the stretcher bars are finished off and covered with canvas so you won't need any additional framing. The image is printed on the best Italian canvas. We use large format printers produced by a reputable Swiss company Zünd with print resolution of 360 dpi. As a result, the pattern can be reproduced with Swiss precision and its quality is comparable to the one achieved in the best digital laboratories. Such canvas print will be a lovely addition to your home.

Select Stretcher Bars

Wooden stretcher bars (2см)
Eco pine stretcher bars

Eco pine stretcher bars

To make sure that the painting will look great on your wall – even without additional framing – we mount the canvas onto a matched stretcher bar made of natural, solid pine wood. Standard version is 2 cm thick.

These stretcher bars are particularly recommended for:
  • multi-part paintings,
  • small and medium-sized apartments,
  • richly decorated walls.
3D Gallery stretcher bars (2.8cm)
an additional 3D effect

Additional 3D effect

Thicker stretcher bars are perfect for larger paintings that are to be hung in spacious interiors. A 2,8 cm thick gallery stretcher bar guarantees that the canvas is properly stretched and creates a depth effect.

These stretcher bars are particularly recommended for:
  • one piece and square paintings,
  • large-format paintings
  • simple, minimalist interiors.
Maxx stretcher bars (4cm)
Maximum visibility of the painting

Maximum visibility of the painting

If you want the painting to be an expressive decoration of the apartment you should choose a solid stretcher bars with 4 cm thickness. It's made of the highest quality pine wood which guarantees maximum exposure on your wall.

We recommend those stretcher bars especially for:
  • paintings that will be the only or the dominant decoration,
  • very spacious interiors (lofts, hotel lobbies, conference rooms)