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Paint Picasso by number kit

Pablo Picasso is an example of a painter known not only by his name but also by his art. Everybody knows his work. With painting by numbers Picasso from bimago's collection you can embellish your interior with his famous paintings. The best part is that you will create them yourself! Thanks to the one-of-a-kind style of Picasso's paintings a Picasso paint by numbers kit will be awesome wall decor virtually everywhere. He can easily be called the embodiment of open-mindedness. Keeping that in mind remember that in the case of Picasso paint by number kits you too can keep your mind wide open and do a little freestyle when replicating his timeless art. Add a few details here and there and make your work 100% original. Just imagine - somebody ask if that painting is a Picasso, you can proudly answer “No, it was painted by ME”.

A Picasso paint by number kit will make an awesome present. The character of cubist art, which he co-founded, makes painting these canvas loads of fun! With fun being a crucial factor, we cannot forget about another one - relax. Sit back in front of your canvas for only a few moments a day and every morning when you take a glimpse you can see and virtually FEEL it grow and take shape. And it's very easy, too. A paint Picasso kit comes complete with everything you will need to complete your wall decor. The canvas is ready to use, pulled on a wooden frame. It has outlines with numbered spaces. The colours of paint have corresponding numbers so you can't get it wrong. You even get the different sizes of brushes depending on the level of detail of your painting. With Picasso's art you will bring a fresh breath of air to any interior. Be it a bar, restaurant, club, hairdresser's salon, office or your beloved household - you can rest assured that by bedecking a wall with a paint Picasso by numbers prom our website you will introduce a one-of-a-kind, individualistic atmosphere to the room.