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Paint by Number Kit Elephant in Africa

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Paint By Numbers
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Paint by Numbers

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Painting Instructions

1. Prepare your working station: cover the table with old newspapers or paper towels, prepare the brushes and paint containers. Get a cup of water and some paper towels to clean your brush. You can also put on a painting apron or latex gloves.

2. You can start painting with any colour you want, e.g. the one that you like the most. After choosing the colour please memorize the number on the lid and open the paint container carefully.

3. Pick a brush and paint every area marked with that number with a corresponding colour. If the paint doesn’t cover the conture lines or area numbers, please apply a second layer of paint to cover it.

4. OUR RECOMMENDATION: To avoid mistakes and to reduce the use of paint, use only one chosen paint colour at a time. Once all the areas marked with the corresponding number are coloured, close the paint container and repeat the procedure with a new colour.

5. Before switching to a new colour, wash your brush off and dry it with a paper towel to avoid accidentally mixing colours. Close the paint containers immediately after use to keep the paints from drying out.

6. Now it’s time for the final touch: paint the edges of the canvas to complete your artwork. Once the painting is totally dry, your masterpiece is ready to hang!

The splash of colours and the calm majesty of the biggest land animal in the world looks at you this picture. You can create a true masterpiece that will delight your loved ones and thanks to the paint by numbers elephant kit you can do it all by yourself. It will add some character to your interior, enhancing it with an unusual style.

The joy of creating a great work of art needs no description. Paint by numbers elephant will let you set aside your troubles, will let you relax and get rid of stress while strengthening the painting skills.