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New products: trendy wall and furniture stickers

Wall stickers are interesting proposition to decorate any room. Our assortment includes nearly 2000 patterns designed for various interiors. Child’s room, living room, bedroom, office or dining room: all of them can be complemented by such original decoration. In our gallery you can find both colourful wall stickers and monochromatic wall tattoos. In the new collection you will find the latest patterns created by our designers. If you’re looking for inspiring ideas for your home decor, we particularly recommend visiting this gallery. There you can find wall stickers with the most popular motifs such as flowers, animals or quotes. Each of the stickers is available in several sizes and the monochromatic decals can be ordered in one of over a dozen colours. We invite you to see the newest patterns of wall art stickers that offer many design possibilities.

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Beautiful and practical room dividers

Room dividers are one of the most original bimago products. Thanks to solid, wooden construction they can serve us for a long time as a highly practical accessory. In bimago we’ve created a collection of room dividers that impress with their modern and stylish look. Original patterns printed on a non-woven canvas is something for people looking for innovative decorative solutions. In the new collection you can find the trendiest room dividers. These accessories serve not only a decorative purpose but are also a practical way to separate space e.g. in a dressing room. Therefore, we recommend room dividers not only for living spaces but also for commercial premises, beauty salons or massage parlours. Apart from new patterns, we encourage you to see the whole collection of decorative room dividers in which you can find over 600 different patterns available in 3 and 5 part versions. We recommend the screen dividers with floral motifs, geometric patterns or images of unique landscapes as great decorations for any interior.

Acrylic prints: perfect decorations for kitchen and bathroom

If you’re dreaming of a beautiful decoration in vivid colours, we recommend our collection of acrylic glass prints. The printed pattern is affixed to the inner surface of glass. Therefore, the product is moisture-resistant and can be used to decorate interiors such as kitchen or bathroom. Our collection comprises various motifs: the most popular among our clients are flowers and landscapes. For those who are looking for original decorations, we recommend abstract and geometric motifs. Acrylic glass are also available in multi-piece forms and in different sizes: we guarantee that with such a wide choice you will easily find designs that are not only interesting but will also fit your interior. We advise you to see the new arrivals along with the whole collection of unique wall decorations suitable for kitchen and bathroom.

Corkboard maps to mark your travels

A map in form of decorative pinboard is a unique and practical accessory perfect for child’s or teenager’s room. With nearly 200 patterns available, you will surely be able to find a decoration in your favourite colour scheme. Our map collection is constantly growing, hence we hope that everyone will find something for themselves. The maps have been printed on canvas and attached to a pinboard. As all the decorations are printed on the sides, they look stylish even without a frame. We recommend this product not only as a decoration for yourself but also as a gift for your loved ones. A personalized corkboard map that allows to mark the visited places or pin notes, is a wonderful gift for travellers. In our gallery these decorations are available in multi-piece forms and in larger size. We encourage you to follow the new collection in order to discover the trendiest world map patterns that are available not only on corkboard but also on wall murals and canvas paintings.

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