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How to creatively use room dividers Arranging an office space at home

Arranging an office space at home

Forget the drying laundry and children running around the room - an elegant room divider will provide the right background for business video conversations.

It's time for a work from home, how to avoid a disaster

Do you live in a studio apartment and you both work from home? Now the functional division of space is an absolute priority, and the screen can save your life - private and professional!

"Please do not disturb, mom's at work!!"

How is it possible that parents work when they are at home? Negotiations with children are not easy - let the screen become your contractual sign that mom or dad must now focus on work.

Your notes are always with you - genius is in control of chaos

Do you like to have everything at hand but you can't pull yourself together while working remotely? Use the room divider as an additional wall to stick notes and organize ideas!