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Cork Pinboard Rainbow Madness [Cork Map]

Pattern no.:94912
Designed by:Sarah Carlson
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    Durable nails are an essential element in painting installation.

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    Durable nails are an essential element in painting installation.

    Customer Comments

    Decorative cork boards!

    Maps, frames and decorative organizers on the cork

    New collection of patterns designed by bimago, printed on canvas hiding... a layer of cork.

    Resulting in - our known and loved pinboard is making a comeback!

    The original sets of photography frames, inspiring city plans and a wide selection of maps in different styles and colors - a real delight, especially for travel enthusiasts and explorers.

    Follow your routes, tick visited places, create galleries of souvenirs and pin photos.

    When you complete your map with the finished journeys, take a new pin and see which place is waiting for your visit.


    • eco cork board with a 3 mm thickness.
    • light, wooden stretcher bars with a special cut that allows a cork layer between the canvas and the stretcher bars.
    • synthethic canvas allowing to show every little detail of a map
    • sides of the picture covered with print
    • ductile material, which you can post pins and pull them out without the risk of damaging
    • high-resolution print, not waterproof

    Please note: pins are not included

    Create your own travel map
    Create your own travel map
    • designate your future and past journeys by decorative lines
    • pin your notes to mark your favourite places on the map
    • create photo and souvenir gallery from visited places
    • personalize social room in your company - tick staff's journeys
    • a great idea for a practical gift for your friends
    • unusual support for children and teenagers learning geography
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    Decorative cork boards
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    Decorative pinboard "Rainbow Madness [Cork Map]"

    Cork Pinboard “Rainbow Madness [Cork Map]” is a product for seeking original home decorations. Eco material and interesting pattern of “Rainbow Madness [Cork Map]” makes simple pinboard, becomes stylish, decoration additive. “Rainbow Madness [Cork Map]” printed on the cork allows you to pin selected places, notes and souvenirs. Thanks to that, the pattern “Rainbow Madness [Cork Map]” printed on the cork become a personal decoration in the room. Due to its practical values, product “Rainbow Madness [Cork Map]” would be ideal for child's room as well as public places and offices.

    Check the collection of cork pinboards, where you will find decorative pinboard “Rainbow Madness [Cork Map]” , and another, original patterns. Photo frames and maps of the cities and countries on the cork, are kind of products with large potential, moreover cork pinboards could also be an attractive gift for various occasions..