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Acrylic prints for the kitchen, bathroom, living room and the office

We are absolutely sure that bimago acrylic prints will become a great wall decoration in your apartment. Not just because this collection consists of the best design solutions! Acrylic prints, catches the eye due to the effect of deph moreover it's easy to clean and lightweight - that's why we are recommending them for all rooms. This decoration is also a perfect solution for kitchen or bathroom, because it's resistance to moisture. Acrylic prints - unique product for everyone.

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Acrylic prints - explore the advantages of a modern acrylic glass

Bimago acrylic prints are designed to keep all advantages of the classic glass printing, removing its weaknesses - the fragility and high weight. It's made out of one of the most respected in interior design material, polymethyl methacrylate. This polymer is such as glass, rigid and colorless - hence its popular name: acrylic glass. Like a glass - there is an extremely high (over 90%) light transmission and it does not discolor under the influence of UV light. However, unlike glass, this material is much lighter (50% lighter) and tougher: more flexible and resistant to crushing. Bimago printing on glass takes the form of foil veneer. Thanks to this technique - all the best properties as print quality, photographic accuracy and saturated colors are preserved. At the same time the motif gets an interesting three-dimensional depth and delicate gloss. Acrylic prints look really unique!

Acrylic prints - for those who like practical solutions

Finding an original wall decoration can be a challenge. Especially when it comes to more humid rooms - as the kitchen or bathroom. Choosing the right pattern is just the beginning. We've prepared a special collection of prints on acrylic glass to meet the needs of people looking for a wall decoration which would be durable and easy to keep clean. Acrylic prints are resistant to moisture and perfectly fits kitchens and bathrooms. If you plan to hang your wall decoration in sunny place - there is no problem with these kind of products - the print is UV resistant and is therfore perfect for sunny spots. Acrylic print is also a perfect solution for thin walls that otherwise could be deformed by heavy wall decorations. It does not require any special mounting system. Acrylic print will be delivered with mounting elements attached.

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Acrylic Prints- Decorate Your Flat with Acrylic Wall Art

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