Paul Signac - famous paintings

Paul Signac (1863-1935), was a French painter, co-founder of Neo-impressionism. He was one of Georges Seurat's students, from him he overtook neo-impressionistic methods of painting (Pointillisme), which based on building the composition of the paintings through imposition of closely spaced, multicoloured points and lines. Colours were not mixed on the pallete but in the eyes of the viewer. Neo-impressionistic approach to painting was characterised by a strictly scientific attitude; instinctive, spontaneous methods of work of impressionists were completely unfamiliar to neo-impressionists. Their paintings were created in the process which demanded unusual precision and patience. Some of Signac's paintings were painted over a year. To the most famous works of art of this artist belong: 'Port of La Rochelle', 'Evening, Avignon (Chateau des Papes)', 'Two Cypresses', 'The Bonaventure pine in Saint-Tropez' and 'Port de Saint-Tropez'.
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